Madell QK-IR2005 Combo BGA Repair System New

Madell QK-IR2005 Combo BGA Repair System New
Manufacturer: Madell
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New Madell QK-IR2005 Combo BGA Repair System


Madell QK-IR2005 Combo BGA Repair System New

   The Madell QK-IR2005 combo Ball Grid Array rework system contains two items a QK-IR2005 Infrared hot air rework station and QK-PL2005 vision assisted precision placing table. SMT rework becomes a safe and accurate process with this system.


  • Non-contact infrared monitoring of the rework process for optimum results
  • Closed loop control for accurate heating profiles and even heat distribution
  • No nozzles needed. Adjustable aperture controls heating area and suits large as well as small parts
  • The special reflow process camera (optional) gathers critical in-process information for real time profile adjustment
  • Combo system for easy handling ad set up
  • Works with either lead or lead free solder pasts
  • Suitable for a wide variety of SMD components
  • Low cost and high quality

   The QK-IR2005 system adopts micro-processor control and infrared sensor technology to do soldering and de-soldering to surface mount components safely and accurately. It meets the high technical demands of modern electronic industry, and is one of the most valued electronic equipments in this field. The QK-IR2005 Rework System adopts micro-processor control and infrared sensor technologies. It has the precision non-contact infrared temperature sensor for de-soldering parts and the middle wavelength infrared heater. The soldering process is under the monitoring of non-contact infrared sensor and optimum control of process can be achieved at any time. QK-IR2005 has 1500W heating power, suitable for applications of big as well as small IC components and lead-free applications. Closed-loop temperature control ensures even heat distribution and appropriate peak temperature for lead-free soldering.

  The middle-wavelength infrared heater of QK-IR2005 has a well-proportioned and safe heating and power and flexibleness necessary for the system, so it can also deal with some PCBs with big thermal capacity and other high temperature situation (lead-free soldering) easily. The adjustable aperture under the infrared radiator can protect the adjacent components (which are sensitive to the temperature) on PCB from being heated. No need for nozzles. The temperature during the soldering process can be calibrated and measured openly. In other words, you can press the calibrating key to record the melting point temperature while the solders melts viewed by eye. QK-IR 2005 has 10 types working modes available, with parameters in each mode can be modified by programmable temperature control. Operations of IR, as well as the setting of parameters are manipulated by the outside keyboard.

   The use of re-flow process camera supplies the critical optical information to judge the melting situation of solder during the whole soldering and de-soldering process. Besides, the QK-IR2005, which can also cool the PCB efficiently, together with the intelligent lead-free & digital calibrating soldering station is an ideal soldering tool for any professional user.