Madell Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V New

Madell Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V New
Manufacturer: Madell
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New Madell Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V


Madell Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V New

Helps you accurately place your surface components on PCB boards


  • Suitable for prototype and small quantity production.
  • Can be used for QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMT resistors, capacitors, etc.
  • Can be used to work on pitches as fine as 0.5mm.
  • Max. Working area 370mmx300m.
  • Max. X direction movement 500mm.
  • Max. Y direction movement 300mm.
  • Max. Z direction movement 10m, 360 degree rotation.
  • Electrical vacuum pick tool for easy and accurate operation.
  • No computer or software programming needed.
  • Optional additional reel frames. It comes with one reel frame. The platform has room for six frames. Each frame can mount five reel feeders.
  • Color microscope CCD video camera.
  • Shipping weight: 100 lb.
  • One-year manufacture's warranty.


   Pull the little handle underneath the header in X or Y direction movements. The handle can also be turned around and pulled down.

   First move the header to the reel feeder, or parts on the platform board, pull down the handle. The part will be sucked on the vacuum tool. Then move the header to anywhere on the PCB board, aiming it from several directions while pulling the handle downwards. As soon as the component touches the PCB board, it will be released automatically. Gently release the handle to its original position. Repeat this process for other parts.  Chips or other loose parts can just be arranged on the platform areas which are not occupied by the PCB board.

   The manual pick and place machine is designed for prototype or low volume PCB assembling. Its movement is total manually controled by an operator. It can move in x,y,z and θ directions. Placement speed and accuracy are dependent on the operator's skill.

   The machine has a bulit in vacuum pump, the same vacuum pump as in the electrical vacuum pen which is sold seperately. The vacuum pump has two outlets, one is used by the pick and place vacuum header, the other is connected to a vacuum pen which can be used to pick up parts by hand. The two air outlets can be combined into one by using a  T connector to increase the vacuum strength. At most situations, that is not necessary.

   The color CCD video camera has a 6X magnifications to help videwing the components clearly. The video camera does not directly help the placing process as it is mounted in an angle, hence the component is not viewed in a direct up-down direction.

   The vacuum needle pipe is connected to a movement sensor inside the pick and place header. When the vacuum pipe moves upwards, it trigs the sensor and switches on or off the vacuum pump. The part is picked up or released accordingly.