Madell Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMD-2007

Madell Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMD-2007
Manufacturer: Madell
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New Madell Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMD-2007


Madell Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMD-2007

   More and more surface mount devices (SMD) are used on electronic circuit boards. Large floor model reflow ovens are expensive and heavy, not suitable for prototype development and small production. The Madell SMD-2007 is specially developed to suit this market.


  • Full automatic fuzzy logic temperature control.100
  • Back light LCD display.100
  • Can be used for any surface mount components.100
  • Can also be used for two sides 100PCB boards.
  • IR+hot air.100
  • RS232 computer interface and software.100
  • Lead-free reflow capable.100
  • The new model has front view window, the top can be opened for easy heater replacement.100
  • Great for repair preheating.100
  • Meets IPC standard.100
  • Temperature to 300°C.100
  • Working area: 400mmx350mmX30mm(14"x16"x1").100
  • External measurement: 600mm(w) x465mm (d) x500mm (h).100
  • Working cycle 5 minutes per board. Beeps when the board is done.100
  • Manual draw.100
  • Built in automatic air cool.100
  • One profile stored in EPROM, can be modified with keypads.100
  • No programming necessary, no computer interface.100
  • No datalog.100
  • 3.5KW power, 220V.100 We have transformers for 110V power supply. It works with 208V supply, but not with 240V or higher.

   The Madell SMD-2007 reflow oven comes with RS232 connection and software. Customer profiles can be saved or downloaded to the oven from a computer. The computer software also displays real time operation results.

Functions of the computer software

1. File: Open: open saved profile Save: save current profile Print: print current profile Exit: close the program

2. Set: Port Select: Select computer serial port, COM1 or COM2, default COM1 Parameter Transfer: Transfer current temperature and time setting from the computer to the oven

3. Communicate: Parameter Load: upload the current profile from the oven to the computer Stop Communicate: stop the upload of the profile to the computer

4. Run: Run: start the reflow process Stop: Stop the reflow process.