Knight K-290 Multimeter

Knight K-290 Multimeter
Manufacturer: Knight
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New Knight K-290 Multimeter


Knight K-290 Multimeter

Top of the Line 4300 Count 0.25% Basic Accuracy LCR and Frequency Functions Temperature and Logic

   This professional meter has everything including Min/Max, averaging and normal recording. It also has auto hold, relative and relative set mode and is overload protected to 21 VDC and 750 VAC. It has temperature measurement to 750ºC. Comes with temperature probe, test leads and a holster style case.


  • 4300 Count circulating record for MIN/MAX AVG and normal
  • Auto power off to preserve battery life
  • DC Volt: 0-430mV/4.3/43/430/21V ±0.25%
  • AC Volt: 0-430mV/4.3/430/750V ±0.75-1.5% (50Hz-2000Hz)
  • DC Current: 0-430µA/43mA/±0.5% 430mA/ 10A ±2%
  • AC Current: 0-430µA/43mA/±1% 430mA/10A ±2.5%
  • Resistance: 0-430 ohm/4.3/43/430K/ 4300K ohm / 43M ohm ±0.3%
  • Capacitance: 0-4.3/43/430nF/4.3µF/430µF ±5%
  • Inductance: 0-4.3/43/430mH/4.3/43H ±5%
  • Frequency: 430Hz/4.3/43/430kHz ± 1%
  • Temperature -20C - 750C
  • Diode test function
  • Continuity <50 ohm
  • 21VDC/VAC overload protection in DCV, ACV above 4.3V
  • 500V overload protection in Diode, Ohm, Hz, Continuity
  • Logic probe tester