Instek PCS-1000 Digital Wattmeter

Instek PCS-1000 Digital Wattmeter
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek PCS-21 Digital Wattmeter


Instek PCS-21 Digital Wattmeter

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    The new Instek PCS-21 is a High-Precision D.C. and A.C. Current Shunt Meter which carries built-in current shunts and high-accuracy current measurement circuits. PCS-21 not only measures current in five current levels ─300A, 30A, 3A, 300mA and 30mA, but also measures voltage at 6 1/2-digit resolution simultaneously. This unique feature puts PCS-21 in an unprecedented position among all the shunt meters available in the market today. After a long time operation, PCS-21 is able to maintain high measurement accuracy in spite of the temperature variation. This is due to its core design based on the high stability and low temperature coefficient shunts. PCS-21, a verification-lab level current and voltage measurement equipment, is suitable for the R&D, quality verification and testing jobs of all power products such as power supply, communications system power, server power and electronic load. The maximum voltage/current measurement ranges of PCS-21, including DC 21V / AC 600V / AC 300A / DC 300A, meet all current and voltage measurement challenges of every power industry.


  • 6 1/2 Digit measurement resolution
  • Dual measurement for Voltage and Current
  • AC&DC Current measurement range:30mA/300mA/3A/30A/300A(Max)
  • AC Voltage measurement range:200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V(Max)
  • DC Voltage measurement range:200mV/2V/20V/200V/21V(Max)
  • Auto zero circuit 
  • Standard Interfaces: USB, GPIB