Instek GOM-802 Milliohmeter

Instek GOM-802 Milliohmeter
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek GOM-802 D.C. Milli-Ohm Meter
Instek GOM-802 D.C. Milli-Ohm Meter

with two year warranty

  The Instek GOM-802 is a high precision programmable DC Milli-ohm meter suitable for the low resistance measurements of switches, relays, connectors, PCB tracks and variety of other devices. With the easy-to-use features, superior performance, and automatic test interfaces described as below, the Instek GOM-802 is obviously a reliable and handy instrument for the low resistance measurements.

Easy-to-use features

  Utilizing the arrow key for setting the percentage of upper and lower limit based on the normal value can make it easier to execute the HI-LO-GO comparator function. Besides, through the Alarm Buzzer setting can indicate the PASS/FAIL status, and all kinds of output status can be indicated through Handler Interface output. The RELATIVE feature that enables GOM-802 to remove the stray resistance easily, and the 20 sets of Normal/Hi/Lo setting memories can satisfy with different kind of test condition. Also, the last setting will be recalled every time when the GOM-802 is turned on.

Superior Performance:

   There are nine measurement ranges from 30m to 3M selected automatically or manually with the constant current between 1 A and 1A, 0.05% high accuracy, 1 resolution and four terminals Kelvin connection to make a reliable and consistent test result. The flexible choice for a high measurement accuracy at speed of 7 sampling/sec (full scale at 30000) or a less measurement accuracy at speed of 30 sampling/sec (full scale at 3000) can match with the speed requirement of test.


  • 30000 Counts Display
  • High Accuracy 0.05%
  • Hi/Lo Comparator and Limit Percent Setting
  • Measurement of REL, Actual and % Value
  • Continuous or Triggered Measurement Mode
  • Temperature Compensation and Measurement
  • Four-Terminal Measurement Technique
  • Auto-Recall Last Setting After Power OFF and ON Again
  • Alarm Setting for PASS/FAIL
  • Scan, Handler Interface (Standard)
  • Manual or Autoranging
  • RS-232C+GPIB (Option)