Instek GOM-801H Milliohmmeter

Instek GOM-801H Milliohmmeter
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek GOM-801H with a two year warranty


Instek GOM-801H Milliohmmeter with a two year warranty

  Why do we sell so many of these? They are well made, highly accurate, easy to use and trouble free. The Instek GOM-801H allows even inexperienced users to accurately make previously difficult low resistance measurements quickly. And then throw in the low cost. Pay 4 times that price for a 25 year old used Agilent/HP that is less accurate and without the 2 year warranty.


  • Measures from 20m ~ 20k in 7 Ranges
  • 1A High Test Current
  • High Resolution 10
  • Hi/Lo Comparator Indicator
  • 3 1/2 Digits 0.5" LED Display Test Ranges 20mohm, 200mohm, 2ohm, 20ohm, 200ohm, 2kohm 20kohm 7 ranges
  • Accuracy Measuring 20mohm+ (0.2% rdg + 6 digits), 200mohm~ 20kohm+ (0.2% rdg + 4 digits), Setting + (0.2% + 6 digits)
  • Resolution 0.01, 0.1 , 1, 10, 100mohm, 1, 10ohm
  • Display 3 1/2 digits 0.5" LED display GHI, GO, LO indicator


  • Production Testing of Contact Resistance of Switches, Relays, Connectors, Cables, and Other Low Resistance Devices
  • Testing of Low Value Resistors, Fuses, and Heating Elements
  • Winding Resistance of Motors, Transformers, Solenoids, and Ballasts
  • Conductivity Evaluation in Product Design
  • Incoming Inspection and Quality Assurance Testing