Instek GFG-3015 15 MHz Function Generator

Instek GFG-3015 15 MHz Function Generator
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek GFG-3015 15 MHhz Function Generator


 Instek GFG-3015 15 MHz Function Generator

with a two year warranty

Compare me to the Agilent/HP 33120A. If you do not need GPIB a very cost effective option. Also compare to the discontinued Tektronix CFG280 and the current Leader LS1311.

A great product at a great price.

   The Instek GFG-3015 is a versatile and high precision programmable function generator, providing stable and accurate signals at up to 15MHz. Powered by Frequency Feedback technology, the GFG-3015 delivers frequency accuracy as low as 0.02% and a maximum resolution of10mHz. 10 front panel keys make memory setup and predefined signal production a breeze. With a massive feature set and great value, the GFG-3015 is an extremely versatile instrument used in education, repair service, production and experimental labs.

Output Waveforms

  • Sine
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Ramp
  • Pulse
  • AM
  • FM
  • Sweep

Sine Wave Distortion  <0.5%(-46dBc), 10Hz~ 100kHz <-30dBc, ~15MHz (1Vpp~10Vpp)

Triangle Wave Linearity Error  <1% of full scale output at 100Hz

Square Wave Asymmetry  ±1% of period + 3nS Rise or Fail Time <18 nS

Sync Output Impedance  50Ω±10% Level  >1Vp-p open circuit

Modulation Types AM, FM, Sweep, Trigger(int/ext), Gate or Burst (implement by trigger type) Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp or Variable Symmetry Pulse Rate Frequency Range 10mHz~10kHz in 3 frequency range (auto switch) Rate Frequency Accuracy 5% ±1 count Rate

Amplitude Modulation  Depth   0 ~ 100% Modulation Frequency Rate 0.01Hz ~ 10kHz(INT) ; DC ~ 1MHz(EXT) Carries -3dB Bandwidth <100Hz to >5MHz External Sensitivity <10Vpp for 100% modulation

Frequency Modulation Deviation 0 ~ ±15% Modulation Frequency Rate 0.01Hz ~ 10kHz(INT) ; DC ~ 50kHz(EXT) External Sensitivity <5Vpp for 15% deviation