Instek GFC-8270H 2.7 GHz Frequency Counter

Instek GFC-8270H 2.7 GHz Frequency Counter
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek 2.7 Ghz counter with 2 year warranty
Instek GFC-8270H 2.7 GHz Frequency Counter with 2 year warranty

   The Instek GFC-8270H 2.7 GHz Frequency Counter offers real value for the money. Perfect for large volume users such as educational, manufacturing field service.

   The Instek GFC-8000 Series performs virtually all of the counting measurements required in laboratories, in terms of both period and frequency. A bright red 8 digit LED display with an included overflow indicator provides a clear view. Both models feature a stable time base with a maximum resolution of 100nHz and 10nS at 1Hz for frequency and period measurement, respectively. Gate time can be configured for fast response (5 digits/10ms) or accuracy (7 digits/s) for more control. For high frequency needs, the GFC-8270H can operate at up to 2.7GHz. The GFC-8000 Series features easy operation with a simple front panel interface, suitable for both portable and bench-top use.


  •  Frequency and Period measurement
  • Microprocessor controlled intelligent counter
  • High resolution at both high and low frequency
  • 0.01Hz ~ 2.7GHz frequency range
  • 10mVrms High sensitivity
  • 100nHz resolution for 1Hz
  • Self diagnosis routine
  • Variable Trigger Level control
  • Display hold function

Display 8 digits with Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, S, mS, µS, nS and overflow
Gate Time
Continuously vary from 10mS to 10S, or 1 period of input depending on whichever is greater
+(Resolution +Timebase error)

Channel A  Range DC coupled 0.01Hz ~ 120MHzGAC coupled 30Hz ~ 120MHz 
10mVrms typicalG 50mVrms max 
AC or DC switchable 
Low pass, switchable in or out for channel A.-3dB point of nominally 100kHz 
x 20dB 
Trigger Level Adjustment
-2.5 VDC to +2.5 VDC 
The maximum resolution for frequency measurement is 100nHz for 1Hz and 0.1Hz for 100MHz input respectively, and for period measurement is 10nS for 1Hz and 0.1fS (f=10-15) for 100MHz input respectively. At least 7,6,5 digits are display for 1S, 100mS, 10mS gate time respectively 
Period Range
8nS to 100S at least 7 digits displayed for per second of gate time

Channel B  Range 50MHz to 2.7GHz 
<50mVrms (10mVrms typical) 
AC only

Time Base 
Aging Rate
1 ppm, per Month 
5 ppm 23°C + 5°C 
Line Variation
+0.005 ppm for +10% variation

Power Source AC 100V/120V/220V/240V ±10%, 50/60Hz