Instek GDS-2062 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Instek GDS-2062 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek GDS-2062 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscillo


Instek GDS-2062 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

with a two year warranty

A new Digital Storage Oscilloscope at an unbelievably low price with a two year warranty.  GPIB Available as an option

   This 60 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope covers most major applications in laboratories, production lines, or field services. 1GSa/s high sampling rate and 25k point deep memory give a detailed view into the target waveforms while keeping a high sampling rate . USB host and slave connection allows data save and recall, screen image printout, and remote control. The bright TFT color LCD display with wide viewing angle eliminates obscurity in any situation . Battery operation option gives a much-desired mobility in rapidly changeable environments.

Signal Detection

   The GDS-2000 Series can pick up signals even in the most extreme cases, powered by 1GSa/s real time and 25GSa/s equivalent sampling rate combined with 3 types of acquisition modes: sample, peak detect, and average. 25k points of deep memory collects more information of a given waveform, guiding into further signal details. 4 types of flexible triggers add another signal capturing flexibility: edge , video ( NTSC, PAL, SECAM ) with line selection, pulse-width, and delay/event using external trigger signal ( for 2CH models ). Measurement Functions A variety of measurement shortcuts reduce repetitive manual operations and save you time. Autoset automatically configures the horizontal scale , the vertical scale , and the trigger , giving an instant view of almost any signal . 27 types of automatic measurements include voltage , frequency ( time ) , and delay . GDS-2000 Series run and update results of all the relevant measurements in real time. You can view the results independently , or together in a single display view . Add and subtract math operation, with 4 types of FFT are also provided : flattop , blackman , hanning , and rectangular . Go/No Go test function detects a user-defined incoming waveform shape, and can also send a signal to external devices in case of detection. Program and play feature automatically runs predefined sequence and setup , boosting productivity in routine measurements like production line inspection.

Data Transfer and Printout

   The USB host connector transfers data quickly and easily between USB flash drive, which guarantees almost unlimited amount of memory. Internal storage includes 4 sets of reference waveform and 20 sets of general-use memory area. GDS-2000 Series handle three types of data : display image (*.bmp) for viewing waveform shape and pasting into documents and presentations, panel setting (*.set) for saving and restoring system setup, and waveform configuration (*.csv) for further analysis of signal information. Printout of display image, color or grayscale, is available through the printer connected to the USB host port. You can set the printout or data saving preference to allow a single-press operation for consecutive works.