Instek GAG-810 1 MHz Audio Generator

Instek GAG-810 1 MHz Audio Generator
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek GAG-810 Audio Generator
Instek GAG-810 Audio Generator

with two year warranty

   The Instek GAG-810 Audio Generator is a convenient solution for low frequency (< 1MHz) signal generation, specifically for audio bandwidth ranges. There are frequency short cut keys and an easy-to-use frequency dial. With a simple and Intuitive panel interface, frequency and amplitude adjustments can be made easily. Its small form factor, light weight and carry handle make it extremely portable. Supporting traditional Square and Sine wave generation, external synchronization, and a frequency range of 10Hz to 1MHz the GAG-809/810 is perfect for audio testing. For Audio applications the GAG-810 has an amazing Distortion Factor of 0.02% in the audible frequency range (500Hz-20kHz). Combined with a small form factor, low distortion rate, The GAG-810 is perfect for electronic audio applications.

  • Frequency from 10Hz ~ 1MHz
  •  0.02% Low sine wave distortion 
  •  6 steps output attenuator
  •  EXT SYNC Function
Sine Waves
  • Frequency Range 10Hz ~ 1MHz, 5 ranges
  • Frequency Indicator Dial Scale
  • Frequency Accuracy ±(3% + 1Hz)
  • Output Voltage 5 Vrms (600 ohm load)
  • Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 1MHz ±0.5dB (at 600 ohm load)
  • Reference Frequency (1kHz)
  • Distortion Factor 500Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.02% or less 
  • 100Hz ~ 100kHz, 0.05% or less
  • (x 10 range for 100Hz, x 1k range for 100kHz)
  • 50Hz ~ 200kHz, 0.3% or less
  • 20Hz ~ 500kHz, 0.5% or less
  • 10Hz ~ 1MHz, 1.5% or less
Square Waves
  •  Output Voltage 10Vp-p or more
  •  Overshoot 2% or less (at 1kHz, max output)
  •   Sag. 5% or less (at 50Hz)
  •   Rise & Fall Time Less than 200nS
  •   Duty Ratio 50% ±5%