Instek AFG-3081 80 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

Instek AFG-3081 80 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek AFG-3081 80 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator


Instek AFG-3081 80 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

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   The New Instek AFG-3081 Series is arbitrary waveform generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms to meet users' diversified needs.
   The AFG-3081 also provides a high 16 bit resolution, 200MSa/s sample rate and a 1M memory depth for editing arbitrary waveforms directly through the intuitive user interface. The Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR) function enables users to directly import waveforms from a GDS-2000 Series oscilloscope to the AFG-3000 via USB host, allowing users to edit waveforms and enhance measurement efficiency. 

   In addition, the AFG-3081 Series has switchable 50 Ohm and Hi-Z Impedances, built-in On-Screen Help for operation conveniently. Complete parameter settings and waveform can be displayed through 4.3-inch high-resolution TFT LCD. Through USB, RS-232, and GPIB, user can use dedicated PC software or IEEE488.2 commands to edit waveforms.

   The AFG-3081 series arbitrary waveform/ function generator employs direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to generate and output a variety of stable and precise waveforms. The frequency operates at up to 80MHz (AFG-3081) or 50MHz (AFG-3081), with a minimum resolution of 1uHz for the entire frequency range. The built-in standard waveforms include sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, noise and other types of waveforms.


  • Wide frequency range from 1uHz to 80 MHz
  • High 200MSa/s sampling rate
  • 16-bit Amplitude Resolution
  • Output from any section of 1M-point-long waveforms
  • 4.3 inch high resolution LCD display/on-screen help/Impedance switch
  • Four ways to generate arbitrary waveforms: Front Panel Operation
  • CSV file uploading, Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR), Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software
  • USB, RS-232, GPIB interface support

   The Modulation functions, including AM, FM, FSK and PWM, are provided to cover a broad range of market requirements. A dedicated terminal for the modulating signal output is available in the front panel for modulation monitoring or other control purposes. Either an internal signal or an external signal can be selected to perform the modulation. FSK is a frequency modulation scheme in which digital information is transmitted through signal frequency variation. The BFSK (binary FSK) modulation, using two frequencies to represent data 1 and 0 respectively, is commonly applied for Call ID and Remote Metering applications. PWM is a digital modulation scheme that can be used to adjust the output power level by controlling the pulse width of the driving signal. The examples include the speed control of motor rotation and the luminance control of LED lighting instrument. With the pulse width variation of driving signal, the rotating speed of motor and the luminance of LED will change accordingly.