Instek AFG-2012 12 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

Instek AFG-2012 12 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Manufacturer: Instek
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New Instek AFG-2012 12 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator


Instek AFG-2012 12 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

   The New Instek AFG-25 Series Arbitrary Function Generator is a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized) based signal generator designed to accommodate the Educational and Basic Industrial requirements for an accurate and affordable signal source covering the output of Sine, Square (Pulse), Ramp (Triangle), Noise and Arbitrary waveforms. The 20M Sa/s sampling rate, 10 bit vertical resolution and 4k point memory of the AFG-2100/2000 Series provide user with a flexible environment for creating the specific waveform output as needed. The 0.1Hz resolution of Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms and the 1% ~ 99% adjustable duty cycle of Square (Pulse) waveform are the remarkable features to greatly extend its application range in various fields.

   The AFG-2100/2000 Series includes 6 models in three frequency bands of 5MHz, 12MHz and 25MHz. Besides the basic features of the whole AFG-2100/2000 Series, AFG-2100 also carries additional features of AM/FM/FSK Modulation, Sweep, and Frequency Counter.
   The user friendly interface of AFG-2012 Series allows user to set waveform parameters, including waveform type, frequency, amplitude, DC offset, modulation type, and duty cycle, through keypad entry and/or the knob selection, and display the set parameters on the 3.5 inch LCD screen. The AFG-2100/2000 Series is equipped with a USB Device interface for remote control and waveform editing through a PC. A waveform editing software is provided to facilitate the waveform creation on the PC. After the waveform editing is done, the user is able to download the waveform data from PC to the AFG-2012 Series for signal output.

Arbitrary Waveform Function

   Other than the high accuracy and high stability DDS Function Waveforms-Sine, Square and Triangle, the AFG-2012 also provides the feature to generate Arbitrary Waveforms as what user wants. The 20MSa/s sampling rate, 10 bit vertical resolution and 4k point waveform memory allow user to create the needed waveform point by point through keypad entry on the front panel, or to do waveform editing on the PC and download the waveform data to the AFG-2100/2000 Series, for arbitrary waveform output. A PC software is available to facilitate the editing of complicated and irregular waveforms, which fulfill the requirements of various applications in the real life scenarios.

USB Interface

  The AFG-2012 provides a USB Device Interface, which allows the programming of remote control or ATE of the product. An arbitrary waveform editing software is available to facilitate the waveform creation task. After the waveform editing is completed on the PC, the waveform data can be downloaded through USB Interface to the AFG-2100/200 for arbitrary waveform output.

Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software

   The arbitrary waveform editing software contains not only waveform drawing tools but also a wide variety of waveform editing functions. The most commonly used waveforms, including Rayleigh, Gaussian, Normal Noise, Pseudo Ternary, Bipolar AMI, Manchester, Differential Manchester, RS-232, and NRZ etc., are available in the library for user to tailor specific waveforms as needed. Besides, this software can import CSV format file as waveform data which is created by the other tools. The editing software will stretch AFG-2012 to more applications.