Fluke OptiFiber OTDR

Fluke OptiFiber OTDR
Manufacturer: Fluke
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Fluke OptiFiber OTDR

Model OF-500-01 is the standard OptiFiber¿ Certifying OTDR engineered for LANs and multimode fiber. This LAN certification, diagnostic and documentation tool takes fiber testing and your business to a new level. It provides enhanced visibility into fiber networks to isolate faults, restore network performance and meet the emerging requirements for fiber testing and certification quickly. Get a complete picture of the LAN. OptiFiber brings together all the critical information on screen, on your PC and on printed reports. Take the complexity out of OTDR testing with automated trace and event analysis and simple link diagramming that anyone can understand.

Boost productivity with automated insertion loss testing and a fast, intuitive interface that's easy to use. Measure optical power directly to verify source and link performance. Streamline data management and create impressive reports that bring key data together quickly, easily and completely. With the smallest, lightest micro OTDR available anywhere, you can work comfortably in tight spaces.

See all LAN events with a short dead-zone. OptiFiber features the only way to see events in short fiber runs. It's the first OTDR designed for LAN fiber networks with short multimode fiber links. Advanced optoelectronics pinpoint multiple events as close as 1 meter apart accurately. That means no overlooked faults and no wasted time and money trying to zero in on faults that elude the long event dead-zones of other OTDRs.

Count on a field-tough tool that's user friendly. OptiFiber's compact size and light weight are ideal for your typical work environment of tight spaces and crowded distribution closets. It's easy to use and to navigate. The modular design accepts test modules that can be swapped without tools in a matter of seconds. So reconfiguring your test set is easy any time and any where. OptiFiber is built to withstand the harshest conditions of everyday field use.

Front panel buttons, menus and special features make operation easy. Setup provides fast, simple configuration for new jobs and test requirements. Select from predefined lists or create custom limits. Quickly view and select from various functions. Use the MMC Card to bring test results back to the office for instant data hand-off while the tester stays on at the job. The Help screen provides a complete guide at the touch of a button. Press the Test button for complete fiber testing. A sturdy, integrated stand makes tabletop operation easy. Use the Save button to keep all test results for a single fiber in one common record. View Records retrieves test results easily -- even in the field. Sort by ID, job or data. Use the USB port for lightning fast data exchange with a PC. The RS232 port connects to a PC for data exchange. Test a full eight hours between charges with the included Li Ion battery.