Fluke OneTouch Network Basic

Fluke OneTouch Network Basic
Manufacturer: Fluke
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New Fluke OneTouch Network Basic


Fluke OneTouch Network Basic

   Frontline troubleshooters need a test tool that can see beyond switches to quickly locate and resolve network problems. They need the Fluke Networks OneTouch Series II Network Assistant. OneTouch gives you the power to solve network problems faster. Available in two models, OneTouch provides an in-depth look into your network, making it easy to:

  • See problems immediately.
  • Confirm connectivity to servers, switches or routers.
  • Test NIC cards, hubs or even cables.
  • Measure 10 and 100 Mbps Ethernet utilization, collisions or errors.

   In addition, troubleshooters can deploy the OneTouch at remote locations and handle problems via their web browsers. Improved network visibility. Decreased network maintenance costs. Faster frontline troubleshooting. You get it all with the OneTouch Series II Network Assistant.

  • Fast switch discovery - locate available interfaces, active ports, MAC, IP, SNMP name and link speed
  • View data instantly- Pinpoint duplicate IPs, network misconfigurations and physical errors
  • ID Vital network statistics - View Ethernet utilization, collisions and errors
  • Increase network uptime - Analyze trends with baseline data reports
  • Easy to use - Utilize bright display, intuitive user interface and network advice from every screen
  • Perform Cable Tests - Identify length, opens, crossed wires and split pairs