Fluke 867B Graphical Multimeter

Fluke 867B Graphical Multimeter
Manufacturer: Fluke
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New Fluke 867B Graphical Multimeter 

Fluke 867B Graphical Multimeter

   Fluke's 867BE high-performance troubleshooting tool is the most accurate graphical multimeter with a new display for optimum viewing. It combines the industry's most advanced multimeter capabilities with the visual power of waveform display, in-circuit component testing, trend plotting and logic activity detection together in one easy-to-use, hand-held instrument. This test tool is the first high-accuracy, high-performance multimeter combined with analog, digital and graphical displays. Use this multi-purpose, multi-functional meter for a wide variety of applications including troubleshooting, maintenance, installation and calibration of industrial, medical and production equipment; repair of computers and office machines; plus repair and maintenance of telecommunications and home entertainment systems.

   Model 867BE boasts the largest, most technically advanced display screen of any meter on the market today. It is more than twice the size of a conventional DMM display. The 5-V bright blue, high-contrast backlit display operates with low power and emits efficiently low noise levels for a precision DMM. Employing intuitive technology, it features new blue LEDs. The color is broadband, sky-blue that is converted to white backlight by an amber filter. When coupled with transmissive LCDs, this technology provides higher contrast and a significantly brighter image than other display modes. Model 867BE is the first commercial implementation of backlight and display technology. This combination is ideal where battery life is an issue. It produces the same result at less than half the power of backlights of similar intensity.

   The simplified user interface virtually eliminates long learning curves. Select the display mode to view information in the form best suited for your application for fast, more effective troubleshooting. Access graphical power through a classic, easy-to-use rotary switch. True IEC-1010-1 Class III 21-V protection is provided in all functions.

   This GMM offers the highest accuracy (0.025%) for a hand-held meter. It features a 32,000-count (4.5-digit) resolution, dual digital display with additional information about the parameter being measured and an Analog NeedleGraph display. Meter mode allows direct measurements of ac and dc volts, current, resistance, conductance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, pulse width, period and dB. Waveform display with up to 1-MHz signal bandwidth provides a clear picture of noise, waveform distortion, intermittent failures and glitches. Full auto waveform display setup automatically scales voltage, time-base, triggering and position for fast, easy test setups. This true-rms or averaging responding meter offers AutoDiode (patent pending), manual setup and external triggering. TrendGraph Mode electronic stripchart recorder plots high-resolution readings for up to 30 hours in intervals of 1 second to 15 minutes to detect power sags/surges and droops. It saves users time by automatically collecting and graphing information.