Fluke 187 Data Aquisistion Multimeter

Fluke 187 Data Aquisistion Multimeter
Manufacturer: Fluke
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New Fluke 187 Data Aquisistion Multimeter


Fluke 187 Data Acquisition Multimeter

   Imagine working with the world's smartest meter. The Fluke 187 Data Acquisition Meter is part of the next generation in powerful, accurate handheld DMMs. Designed with the most advanced feature set to enhance efficiency and value, the 187 meets the needs of plant maintenance, electrical, control and process technicians. It boasts 0.025% accuracy, 100-kHz bandwidth and 50,000 counts of resolution. You'll enjoy enhanced start-up speed. Place the leads on the circuit to see a stable reading displayed instantly. You also get faster readings, extended ranges, lower dc volts and broader capacitance range.

   This meter measures volts, amps, ohms, capacitance and continuity, plus it has a diode test function. An ergonomic case design houses a multiple-reading display with real-time clock for simultaneous readouts such as true-rms ac + dc and Hz, dB and mV dc and more. Correlating time of day with events improves troubleshooting. In addition to relative mode and Min/Max/Average, you get Fast Min Max mode for capturing transients as short as 250 µs. Also features a bright two-level LED backlight and enhanced LCD with larger digits and a wide viewing angle. To store data, the 187 must be hooked up to a computer with the optional FlukeView® Documenting Forms software. Then it will be able to download data into the PC's memory.

   This model features closed-case calibration which allows adjustments to be made directly from the front panel or through the infrared port. Fluke has further improved the functionality with a battery access door that lets you change batteries and fuses without breaking the calibration seal. The data acquisition meter meets IEC-61010 CAT III 21-V and CAT IV 600-V safety ratings and carries a dust-proof and drip-proof environmental rating. Overmolding technology disperses shock loads over more of the case than traditional holster designs, resulting in a more rugged meter.


  • Extremely fast readings
  • 50,000 counts display
  • 0.025% basic DC accuracy
  • True RMS AC + DC measurements
  • 100 kHz AC bandwidth for voltage and current
  • Ergonomic high-impact overmolded case
  • Dual display with bargraph and two-level backlight
  • Min/max/average with real time clock and 250 µs Fast Min-Max
  • Frequency, capacitance, duty cycle & pulse width measurements
  • Resistance, conductance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Temperature and dBV/dBm with selectable reference
  • PC interface for data exchange and closed case calibration
  • Battery and fuse access without breaking calibration seal
  • EN 61010-1 (IEC 1010-1) CAT III 21V /CAT IV 600V
  • Lifetime warranty