Array 3723A 200 Volt 30 Amp 350 Watt Electronic Load

Array 3723A 200 Volt 30 Amp 350 Watt Electronic Load
Manufacturer: Array
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New Array 3723A 200 Volt 30 Amp 350 Watt Electronic Load


Array 3723A 200 Volt 30 Amp 350 Watt Electronic Load

   The New Array 3722A and 3723A Electronic Loads provide an adaptable, and functional asset wherever power sources need to be tested. These units are designed to provide high reliability, great performance, and ease of operation with multiple functionality. The Array 3723A provides up to 30 Amps at 200 Volts limited to a maximum combined input of 350 Watts. Array has always built good products and these have even improved protection and reliability built in.

  • 4 basic functions: CC, CV, CR, and CP ; and 8 basic test modes: CCL, CCH, CV, CRL, CRM, CRH, CPV, CPC
  • High-speed sequence, high-speed transient, short-circuit, battery discharge and other auxiliary functions
  • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current
  • Optional zero-voltage test accessories are available
  • Programmable current slew rate
  • Perfect protection assures high reliability in the most complicated of test environments
  • Multiple groups of parameters and lists can be saved and recalled
  • Ruggedized structure, exquisite user-friendly design and convenient operation
  • Supports SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) and Labview, and provides necessary PC software
  • GPIB is available as a option for $60 extra

Ease of Operation

  • Design optimized for portability and rugged reliability;
  • Logical keypad design and convenient test operation;
  • Easy-to-set test parameters coupled with a powerful sequence editing function;
  • All electronic calibration - therefore no need to dismantle the equipment-chassis;
  • Firmware can be updated online.

High Reliability

  • Protective circuitry provides over-current, over-voltage, over-power, over-temperature and reverse polarity protection to ensure the protection of the electronic load;
  • A high-speed, power limiting circuit can limit input power rapidly when it is overloaded, thus there is no need to interrupt testing. Equipment adaptability to complicated operational environments is thereby greatly enhanced.
  • A high-efficiency, intelligent cooling system can effectively reduce system temperature and enhance power density
  • The input binding posts with their innovative design are especially suitable for large current testing. They are easy to operate, reliable and durable;
  • The specially ruggedized case with its rubber bumpers protects the load thus effectively prolonging the units service life.