AEMC L404 4-Channel Event Simple Logger II

AEMC L404 4-Channel Event Simple Logger II
Manufacturer: AEMC
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New AEMC L404 4 Channel Event Logger

AEMC L404 4-Channel Event Simple Logger II

   The AEMC Simple Logger® II Model L404 is a four channel event data logger. It is a cost effective, advance design data logger incorporating features and functions not found in data loggers costing 2 to 3 times its price. Event data is stored only as the event occurs. It works with dry contact closure or 0-3 and 0-5VDC logic levels.

   An internal memory allows storing over 50,000 events; more than enough for most data collection needs. Event measurement scaling is user programmable. Battery operation and compact size allows for installation in tight locations without the need for external power. A series of front panel LEDs provide a quick status of the loggers state and memory usage.

   DataView® application software is included, providing real-time viewing of measurement data, even while recording. Instrument configuration, data storage and report generation from a pre-defined template or operator custom designed templates are also standard features.

  • Four input channels
  • Works with dry contact closure or 0-3 and 0-5VDC logic levels
  • Programmable storage rates from 8 every second to 1 per day
  • Stores up to 50,000 measurements in non-volatile memory
  • Powered by standard Alkaline batteries
  • Lightweight, compact, fits anywhere
  • 5 LED indicators quickly and clearly display logger status
  • Includes DataView® software for data storage, real-time waveform display, analysis and report generation
  • USB cable and batteries included
  • EN 61010-1; 50V CAT III
  • Determine machinery run/down times
  • Determine event sequencing
  • Count events and record
  • Record event duration