AEMC K100 AC/DC Microprobe

AEMC K100 AC/DC Microprobe
Manufacturer: AEMC
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New AEMC K100 DC/AC MicroProbes


AEMC K100 AC/DC Microprobe

   The AEMC DC/AC Microprobe Model K100 measures as low as 100µAAC or DC. The unit has proportional mV output for direct readings on DMMs, loggers and oscilloscopes.


  • Measures extremely low level DC from 100mA
  • Outputs signal proportional to total current (DC + AC)
  • Low noise
  • Ultra-compact size and non-contact clamp-on convenience
  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Designed for use with DMMs and oscilloscopes
  • Accurate display of waveforms
  • No range or mode (AC/DC) switching required
  • Extended battery life
  • Red LED indicated momentary or continuous overload
  • Green LED indicates power and battery condition  


  • Industrial process controls (4 to 20mA current loops)
  • Electronic circuit design, testing and repair
  • Automobile wiring and engine control systems
  • Avionics systems maintenance and repair
  • Shipboard maintenance and repair
  • Fault and signal location in complex networks
  • Ground and leakage current measurement
  • Pre-deployment testing of power-conscious equipment