AEMC 407 High Current AC/DC Clamp-On Meter with Bluetooth

AEMC 407 1000V AC/DC, 1000A AC/1500A DC Power Clamp-On Meter, 1.89" Jaw Size w/ Bluetooth Compatability
Manufacturer: AEMC
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AEMC 407 High Current AC/DC Clamp-On Meter


The AEMC 407 1000V AC/DC, 1000A AC/1500A DC Power Clamp-On Meter with Ohms, Continuity, Energy, Harmonics, Power, THD, Recording provide a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp-on meter sold today. Safety rated at 1000V CAT IV, these meters are safe to operate in all electrical environments. Additionally, The AEMC 407 are able to wirelessly extract data stored in memory via Bluetooth communication technology. With these features you have an additional layer of safety for the operator, eliminating the need to be constantly in environments which would require the operator to wear PPE clothing.

In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance and continuity, these meters offer several unparalleled functions including:

  • Measurement of AC+DC volts and amps thus allows ripple to be evaluated on DC supplies.
  • True InRush™- unlike other instruments which only measure Inrush when the installation is first powered up, the 400 and 600 series clamp-on meters measure all types of Inrush, even those due to load increases on an installation which is already up and running. This is an exclusive AEMC® feature. Both Peak and RMS Inrush values are captured at a 1 ms sample rate and 100 ms duration windows.
  • Phase Rotation - can be evaluated by simply selecting the function and measuring the voltage on two phases in sequence. An internal algorithm then calculates the phase rotation and displays the results.
  • Power - these unique meters are capable of measuring power in the megawatt range at 1W resolution. Real, reactive and apparent power are simultaneously displayed.
  • Harmonics - several models in the series can measure and display Total Harmonic Distortion from data out to the 25th harmonic. Both THDr and THDf are displayed. Other models can also measure and display individual harmonic data out to the 25th.

Add to this an IP54 environmental rating and the AEMC 407 is a truly unique meter focused on user safety, as well as measurement performance.


  • 1000V CAT IV Rated
  • UL 94 flame retardant self-extinguishing
  • IP54 Rated
  • 10,000 count blue electroluminescent backlit display
  • Measures up to 1000V AC, 1DC-1400V peak and AC+DC with resolution to 10mV
  • Measures single- and three-phase power (Real, Reactive and Apparent) up to 3MW with resolution to 1W (model dependent)
  • Measures frequency to 20kHz with 0.1Hz resolution (model dependent)
  • Auto selects AC or DC measurement
  • True InRush current measurement with 1 ms peak capture
  • Measures THD
  • Jaw opening up to 1.89"
  • Leads are constructed with a flexible silicone material
  • Measurement and display of individual harmonics up to the 25th
  • Records up to 1000 measurements
  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • DataView compatible


  • Electrical maintenance
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Safety lighting system maintenance
  • Automotive test troubleshooting
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Commercial, industrial, residential and HVAC troubleshooting
  • Power panel, junction box and battery bank monitoring
  • AC or DC motor testing
  • Power plant troubleshooting
  • Electrical testing and troubleshooting on non-linear loads, such
    as adjustable speed drives and computer