Network Associates Snifferbook Ultra

Network Associates Snifferbook Ultra
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Network Associates Snifferbook Ultra


Network Associates Snifferbook Ultra

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With Packet over Sonet Package

   The Snifferbook Ultra provides a modular architecture to support and manage high-speed networks. Snifferbook Ultra works in parallel with Sniffer Portable Packet over SONET and Sniffer Portable High-Speed. The Snifferbook Ultra has dedicated, powerful performance capabilities to maximize the efficiency of network management for enterprise and field service engineers.

  • Eases troubleshooting and planning - automatically identifies network problems in real-time.
  • Increases productivity - comprehensive network analysis.
  • Reduces network operating costs - network interfaces are interchangeable.


Packet over Sonet Package

Efficiently Manage High-Speed Networks

   Using a large capture buffer, Snifferbook Ultra provides a comprehensive view of the network to provide an accurate diagnosis of network problems and issues. Snifferbook Ultra supports high-speed and streaming modes for real-time monitoring.

Real-time Expert Analysis

   Expert analysis capabilities provide management automation, problem-solving data, and greater visibility into network anomalies. Not every engineer will have an in-depth understanding of particular protocols. The Sniffer Technologies Expert analysis takes the guess work out of drilling down to the packet level analysis to give you root cause analysis in real-time.

Network Monitoring

   Monitoring helps you keep tabs on the network, detect anomalies and record overall network performance. Sniffer Portable PoS collects current and historical statistics providing an instant snapshot of network activity, stored for later display, or transferred to a database, spreadsheet, or management reporting program. Easy-to-read, management-quality reports are also included as a standard feature.

Network Statistics

  • Network - utilization percentage, frames monitored, bytes, frame size distribution, number of stations
  • Errors - frame errors, oversized frames, CRC and alignment errors
  • Protocol - network utilization by protocol, number of bytes by protocol
  • Frame Size - percentage of frames by frame size, number of frames by frame size
  • Station - traffic received and transmitted, utilization percentage (average and current)
  • Network Alarms - rate of error threshold, Network idle time threshold, network utilization percentage threshold, rate of broadcast frames threshold, oversized frame alarm


  • OC-3c/OC-12c SMF/MMF interfaces
  • 512MB (256 MB/channel) capture buffer
  • AMD K6 processor