Network Associates Sniffer Pro LAN Software

Network Associates Sniffer Pro LAN Software
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Network Associates Sniffer Pro Lan


Network Associates Sniffer Pro Lan

Sniffer Pro LAN is the best high-end packet sniffer

   Sniffer Pro LAN's greatest asset is its expert analysis, which can alert administrators to specific errors, detailing the cause of the problem and in some cases offering a solution. Because the expert analysis can determine exact problems and solutions automatically, it can save your IT department time and money. Sniffer Pro LAN also has extensive support for diverse protocols and topologies.

   Sniffer Portable LAN network fault and performance management solution that enables network professionals like you to maintain, troubleshoot, fine-tune, and expand multi-topology, multi-protocol networks. By incorporating Expert analysis capabilities and advanced protocol decodes, Sniffer Portable LAN is able to determine, pinpoint, and analyze performance problems, automatically recommending corrective action to resolve network performance issues fast.

  • Minimizes downtime and slow time
  • Provides visibility into areas of the LAN that cannot be seen by other analyzers
  • Eases deployment of new applications and technologies


Protocol Interpretation

   Sniffer Portable LAN provides the most extensive collection of decodes available. By analyzing over 500 protocols each layer of the network, Sniffer Portable LAN alleviates the task of viewing frame after frame to locate a problem.

Real-time Expert Analysis

   Real-time Expert analysis adds unparalleled intelligence to network protocol interpretation. The Expert analysis spots network anomalies in real-time to cite potential network problems. Expert analysis makes recommendations on potential causes for the network slowdown or downtime based on the comprehensive analysis of the current situation. This automated analysis expedites problem resolution and increases IT staff productivity.

Network Monitoring

   Monitoring is an ideal way to keep tabs on the network, detect anomalies, and record overall network performance. Sniffer Portable LAN collects current and historical segment statistics which can be displayed in real-time for an instant snapshot of network activity, stored for later display, or transferred to a database, spreadsheet, or management reporting program. The system also includes pre-defined, management-quality reports in easy-to-read formats. History samples are useful for collecting network statistics for specific time periods, ranging from one second to every 24 hours, and can be logged to a disk.

Alarms and Filtering

   Alarms can be set network-wide and individually for each station. Sniffer Portable can log alarms to e-mail, beepers, printers, disks, and can even sound audible alarms. Filtering assists when you need to isolate specific traffic on the network. Sniffer Portable LAN provides simple interface for implementing alarms and filters to make network management more efficient.

Traffic Generation

   Sniffer Portable LAN has a built-in traffic generator for testing new applications or devices. This allows you to repeatedly load the network with the same frame or use custom-edited capture buffer content for stress testing.