Network Associates ATMBook OC-3 SMF Module

Network Associates ATMBook OC-3 SMF Module
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Network Associates ATMBook OC-3 SMF Module


Network Associates ATMBook OC-3 SMF Module

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Requires a PC with Sniffer Pro software for operation

Module installs in an ATMBook Chassis

   Today's high-speed corporate network reaches every corner of your business. And you depend on it for increasingly demanding, enterprise-wide tasks. Whether you're deploying Gigabit Ethernet backbones across the enterprise, guaranteeing quick response for enterprise applications, integrating converged networks, or supporting e-commerce, you need advanced network management tools to maximize your high-speed network performance, reliability, and uptime. ATMbook for Sniffer Portable High-Speed is an industry leading solution for reducing network downtime. These award-winning network management tools help you proactively monitor your high-speed network and resolve problems before they impact your users, your customers, or your corporate bottom line.

  • Real-time analysis - helps quickly pinpoint problems by giving you the ability to view data as it is received, including the associated IP addresses.
  • Connectivity verification to remote end stations - ensures network availability and quickly verifies the operation of the physical layer.
  • Monitoring physical ATM ports - allows you to track the characteristics of ATM devices for any data transmission issues


Data Display Format

   ATMbook for Sniffer Portable High-Speed displays data on a cell-by-cell or PDU-by-PDU basis; You can choose to view data in real-time or as a trace file, and take advantage other display features:

  • Protocol decode: Frame-summary, detail, hex
  • Single channel/combined channel
  • Multiple trace windows
  • Color-coded display of reassembled cells & HECs

Real-time Statistics

   With ATMbook for Sniffer Portable High-Speed, you can graph data in real-time based on cells/sec or Mbits/sec for multiple VCCs. And you can print your results instantly, or save them to CSV file. ATMbook delivers real-time data across a variety of categories, including:

  • Channel number & VCC number
  • Cells per VCC; Mbits/sec
  • Current, Average, & Peak utilization

Physical Layer Statistical Information

   ATMbook tracks Physical Layer Errors for each channel, and provides the following MMF & SMF device error counts:

  • Line Code Violation
  • Out of Frame
  • Line and Path FEBE
  • BIP B1, B2, and B3

ATM Statistics

   ATMbook delivers statistics per channel, for these critical network functions:

  • Non idle cells received per channel
  • Idle cells received per channel
  • Cells transmitted per channel
  • Corrected ATM HEC errors
  • Not Corrected ATM HEC errors
  • Graph of percent bandwidth utilization