NCC 7050 Network Probe WAN Protocol Test Set

NCC 7050 Network Probe WAN Protocol Test Set
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Network Communications Corporation Network Probe 7050 WAN protocol unit


NCC 7050 Network Probe WAN Protocol Test Set

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   The Network Communications Corp Network Probe 7050 WAN protocol unit tests T1, E1 / 2MB data, ISDN, RS232, RS422, V.35 plus dual channel oscilloscope, digital voltmeter and much more all in one package. Extremely powerful and portable the Network Communications Corporation 7050 provides a low cost solution to internetwork WAN troubleshooting.

Test Interfaces

  • 34 pin V.35 Interface
  • 25 pin RS-232C/Mil-188C Test Interface
  • 37 pin RS-449/422/423 Test Interface
  • 9 pin RS-232C Interface for Serial Printing and Remote Control
  • Dual Bantam and RJ-48 T1/E1 Interface Jacks
  • 15 pin T1/E1 Interface
  • BNC Jack for T1/E1 Clock Input, ISDN Clock input and External BERT Clocking
  • RJ-48 jack for use by the speaker monitor input and for tone generator signal injection input/output
  • Handset Jack for Voice Communications
  • ISDN (S/T & U) Interface Jacks

Protocol Analysis Options

  • PPP, Frame Relay, SNA, X.21, X.25, Baudot, DDCMP, ISDN (Q.921/Q.931), LAPD X.25, SS7/SS#7/IS-41

T1 / 2.048 MHz / CEPT / E1 Transmission Tests

  • US Standard T1-1.544 Mbps
  • CCITT Standard 2.048 Mbps
  • Dual T1/E1 Receivers and Transmitters
  • Clocking: Recovered, External, Internal
  • Selectable Line Buildout: O dB, -7.5 dB, -15 dB
  • Automatic Line Buildout: O to -37 dB
  • Selectable Line Equalization: 0-133 Feet, 133-266 Feet, 266-399 Feet, 399-533 Feet, 533-655 Feet
  • Line Codes: AMI, HDB3, B8ZS, B7 and Auto Configure
  • Framing: Unframed, D1D, D2, D3, D4, ESF, CEPT 2M (E1), Framed 2M , Multiframed, and Auto Configure
  • Line Terminations: Terminated (US 100 ohms, G.703 at 75 ohms or 120 ohms), Bridged ( 21 ohms), Drop/Insert Terminated, Drop/Insert Bridged
  • BERT Test Patterns: Mark, Space, 1:1 (Alt), 1:3, 1:7, 2:8. Yellow Alarms, Blue Alarms, Red Multi-frame Alarms, 3:24, 63, 511, 2047, QRSS, 2^15-1, 2^20-1, 2^23-1, 2^23-1 with 14 Zero Suppression, 24 bit User Defined Pattern
  • CSU Loop Up/Loop Down commands, Smart Jack Loop Up/Loop Down commands
  • Time stamped Error Reporting to Disk and/or Printer
  • Scripted BERT Testing (User Definable)
  • Drop and Insert
  • Drop and Insert to RS-232, RS-449, V.35 Interfaces or Any Protocol Analysis Instrument and BERT
  • 16K BRITE Card Drop to Q.921/Q.931
  • Channel Display (24 or 32 Channel Display)
  • 24 T1 or 32 E1 Channels Simultaneously Displayed
  • Hex, Binary, status
  • Signaling Bit Display
  • 24 Channel T1 or 32 E1 Display of Signaling Bits
  • Wink Measurements for Response and Duration Times (Intrusive and Monitor Modes)
  • Time stamped Signal Bit Capture, 1-24 Channels