Narda 8712 Electromagnetic Survey Meter

Narda 8712 Electromagnetic Survey Meter
Manufacturer: Narda
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Narda 8712 Electromagnetic Survey Meter


Narda 8712 Electromagnetic Survey Meter

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  • A8724D 300 KHz to 3 GHz E Field Probe

   The Narda Model 8712 Survey Meter combines an unprecedented ease of operation with powerful measurement capabilities. It is fully compatible with all 8700 series probes.  This cost-effective, small, lightweight meter is ideal for applications that require accurate measurements but not all the extra features of the Model 8718B Survey Meter. It operates from a standard 9 Volt battery. A shielded, foam lined case that holds both the Model 8712 and two probes is standard.


   The Narda 8712 was designed with the new or occasional user in mind so that the most common measurement mistakes cannot happen.

No Unit Calculations

   Simply select the unit of measure that you want. Only units appropriate to the probe you are using can be selected.

No Range Changes

  The meter automatically displays a numeric value over the probe┬┐s entire measurement The user simply pushes the Probe button until the arrow points to the full scale measurement range of the probe. The probe ranges are even color coded on the meter to match the color of the probe.

No forgetting that you are in Maximum Hold Mode

   The meter clearly displays the word "MAX" when you are in the maximum hold mode. The digital display shows the maximum value while the bar graph continues to indicate the instantaneous value.

No Confusing Scales

   Once you select the probe's full scale measurement range you simply read the digital display, including the units of measure.


  • Extremely Easy To Operate
  • Powerful, Microprocessor Design
  • Single, 30 dB Dynamic Range
  • Large-Character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Displays Fields in mW/cm ,W / m, V/m, A/m, and Percent of International Standards
  • Small Size, Ergonomic Design
  • Lightweight
  • Variable Alarm