Motorola R2600D 1 GHz Communications Service Monitor

Motorola R2600D 1 GHz Communications Service Monitor
Manufacturer: Motorola
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Motorola R2600D 1 GHz Communications Service Monitor
Motorola R2600D 1 GHz Communications Service Monitor

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  If you need to calibrate, maintain, service or design radio communications equipment and that means everything from two-way radios, or pagers the Motorola R2600D is for you. Because of its unique design, this unit allows you to perform many complex functions from the same piece of equipment. This design is particularly helpful in remote sites where use of multiple pieces of heavy equipment is impractical -or impossible. Featuring user-programmable storage locations for fast, easy access to the most frequently used channel information; the Motorola R2600D gives users the flexibility to create customized test set-ups. It also provides digitized displays for storage and printout, "soft keys" and windowing for ease of operation, auto ranging capabilities with both analog / digital readouts and signaling encoding / decoding functions.


  • RF Signal Generator, signal simulator
  • Sensitive Measurement Receiver
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Duplex Offset Generator
  • Frequency Counter
  • AC/DC Voltmeter
  • 50 kHz Oscilloscope
  • RF Wattmeter
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Frequency and frequency Error Meter
  • SINAD Meter
  • Distortion Meter
  • Sweep Generator
  • Audio Generator
  • Modulation Analyzer

High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

   The built-in High Performance Spectrum Analyzer will display a window of RF spectrum anywhere within the 400 kHz to 1 GHz operating range of the unit. The EXPAND soft key enlarges the display to fill the LCD and retains dispersion and center frequency control. The High Performance Spectrum Analyzer adds Marker functions for more precise measurements of level and frequency (both absolute and delta). Included with the marker functions are additional dispersion selections ¿ up to 10 MHz per division, plus the additional freeze, peak hold, and max hold features.

Terminated RF Wattmeter

   RF power anywhere in the operating range of 400 kHz to 1GHz is automatically measured by the Communications System Analyzer when tuned to that frequency. The built-in RF load dissipates up to 125 watts for one minute. If a high power transmitter should be keyed into the unit for any longer, the LCD changes to read "WARNING RF OVERLOAD,"thus warning the technician to un-key.


   Full output level control from -130 dBm to 0 dBm over the entire range of the instrument is available from the RF I/O port (-130 dBm up to -50 dBm) and the generator port (-80 dBm to 0 dBm). Variable offsets from 0 to ±999.995 MHz in 2.5 kHz steps are keypad-selectable.