Midtronics CTM-QTS Battery Quality Quick Tester

Midtronics CTM-QTS Battery Quality Quick Tester
Manufacturer: Midtronics
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Midtronics CTM-QTS Battery Quality Quick Tester


Midtronics CTM-QTS Battery Quality Quick Tester

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Midtronics Quick Tester 12-Volt Online Battery Analyzer

   The CTM-QTS Quick tester is designed to take conductance measurements on 12 Volt Lead/Acid batteries while either on line (float service) or off line. The results are given in Siemens and Volts. The CTM-QTS is designed for rapid quick checks in field usage to isolate defective batteries. Prevents downtime and resultant headaches for a reasonable price.


  • Voltage and Conductance (Siemens) measurements.
  • Voltage Range 11.5 - 15.0 VDC. Amp Hour range 5 Ah to 450 Ah. Conductance Range 0 - 3200 Siemens.
  • 2% accuracy with 20 mV resolution


  • Quick, simple, safe & accurate operation
  • Measures individual cell and overall string health and voltage
  • Menu driven test sequence
  • Consistent, repeatable on-line testing without discharge to batteries
  • Tests 12-volt batteries on-line or off-line
  • Stores tests results and overall string statistics
  • Provides advanced warning of potential battery failures
  • Test each cell in under 10 seconds and entire string of batteries in just minutes
  • Helps prioritize battery replacements for more cost-effective system management
  • Tests both battery cell and intercell strap integrity
  • No external power source needed

Conductance Technology

   Conductance describes the ability of a battery to conduct current. It is a measurement of the plate surface available in a battery for chemical reaction, which determines how much power the battery can supply. High relative conductance is a reliable indication of a healthy battery, while conductance declines as the battery deteriorates. Years of laboratory and field test data have determined that battery conductance is an indicator of battery state-of health showing a linear correlation to a battery's timed-discharge capacity test result. If conductance can be measured, discharge capacity can be predicted, giving a reliable predictor of battery end-of life. Other testing alternatives like voltage and specific gravity testing are not predictive. Timed discharge testing is very time-consuming and expensive, and impedance testing does not correlate directly and linearly with discharge capacity. Thus, conductance testing is a very effective and economical battery management tool.

Conductance Technology Industry Approvals and Recommendations:

  • IEEE Standards 1188 and 484
  • EPRI (Electrical Power Research Group)
  • Guide for Testing Stationary Batteries International Telecommunications Energy Conference
  • Bellcore T1Y1
  • Presentation for American National Standards Institute
  • International Lead Zinc Research Organization
  • Battery Council International