Metrotech/Vivax VX-850 Cable Locator

Metrotech/Vivax VX-850 Cable Locator
Manufacturer: Metrotech/Vivax
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Metrotech/Vivax VX-850 Cable Locator


Metrotech/Vivax VX-850 Cable Locator

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   Metrotech, one of the original names in Pipe & Cable locating, has been producing the well tried and tested 850 for over forty years. The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance system (pioneered by Metrotech) to provide accurate easy locating. The 850 are the locators of choice for many customers around the world.


  • One Button Operation
  • Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance
  • Fast Response
  • Improved Clear & Backlit Display
  • Full Crisp Digital Sound
  • Precise Single Frequency
  • Lightweight Rugged Construction
  • Water Resistant (IP54)
  • Retractable Antenna
  • Excellent Battery Life

   The Vivax-Metrotech Model VM-850 Line Tracers are excellent instruments for tracing water and gas distribution lines, cables, inductive locating, and blind searching. The signal of the VM-850 is able to jump insulators and rubber gaskets often found in water and gas distribution systems. Since the frequency travels easily through the soil, the VM-850 is an ideal instrument for inductive locating. The floodlight quality of the RF signal will induce signal onto conductors 8-10 ft. on either side of the transmitter making it an excellent instrument for blind searches. The VM-850 is particularly useful in congested areas where it is essential to ensure as little bleed over to other conductors is minimized.

   It is most often used for power, telecommunications, CATV, oil or gas applications. The VM-850 transmitter generates a signal which is applied onto the pipe or cable (conductor). The signal travels along the conductor, becoming weaker as it gets farther away from the transmitter. The distance that the signal travels before it becomes too weak to be detected depends on the method of connection, the type of conductor surrounding soil, and depth of the conductor.

   When positioned over the conductor, the receiver will detect the signal from the conductor. The Receiver¿s Left/Right Guidance System, field strength display, and audio tone aid you in tracing. To display the depth of the conductor, you simply push a button. The Model VM-850¿s automatic impedance matching compensates for differences in soil conditions, conductor size and material.

   As with all electromagnetic locating systems, this unit is designed to locate metallic conductors only