Metrotech Model 810 Cable Locater

Metrotech Model 810 Cable Locater
Manufacturer: Metrotech/Vivax
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Metrotech Model 810 Cable Locater


Metrotech Model 810 Cable Locater

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   The Metrotech Model 810 Cable Locater offers both advanced and automatic features ensuring the best possible identification and tracing of continuous metallic pipe or cable, water and gas distribution line, inductive locating and blind searching. The high frequency 83kHz signal is able to jump insulators and rubber gaskets found in water and gas systems and will induce a signal in conductors 8-10 feet to either side of the transmitter. Furthermore, the unit is designed to minimize electrical interference. Typical applications include Pipe Locating, Cable Locating, Sonde Locating


  • High Frequency Jumps Insulators and Gaskets
  • Excellent Inductive Locating, Direct, Clamp
  • Saves You Time Simultaneous Peak/Null
  • Shows You The Path left/Right Guidance System and Audible Tone
  • Pinpoints Your Utility and Indicates Strength of Transmitted Signal Digital Signal Strength
  • No manual Gain Adjustments Fully Automated
  • Determines Depth Quick and Easy Push Button Depth
  • Lightweight, and All Readouts are Line-Of-Sight, Reducing User Fatigue

   The Metrotech 810 features visual and audible left/right guidance system for heads-up operation gives this lightweight Cable Locator an excellent balance and a "Searchlight" quality. "Blind searching" single frequency locator is precisely tuned for extreme sensitivity. Fully automatic gain control. No manual gain adjustments are required to compensate for changes in signal strength caused by changes in conductor depth. Digital signal strength indicator for discrimination between conductors. Simultaneous peak and null provides both raw sensitivity and selectivity - Eliminates the need to switch modes. Push Button Depth Indicator for instant depth readout in inches or centimeters. Ideal for water, gas distribution pipeline location.