Marconi 2955R Radio Test Set+2957

Marconi 2955R Radio Test Set+2957
Manufacturer: Marconi
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Marconi 2955R 1 GHz Radio Test Set


Marconi 2955R 1 GHz Radio Test Set

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With the 2957 AMPS Radio Test System

   The Marconi 2955 Radio Communications Test Set provides comprehensive testing facilities for AM/FM/0M transceivers to 21MHz. Single key mode selection for transmitter, receiver and duplex testing. Full duplex facility tests radio telephones and cross-band repeaters. Menu-driven CRT display with store and recall for standard settings. Built in self test and operator guide. Operation from any standard AC supply up to 400Hz or vehicle supply. Comes with with 2957A Cellular Radio Test System adapter.

   The Marconi Instruments 2955/2957 covers the frequency range from 400kHz to 1 GHz.


  • AM, FM, and Phase Modulation measurements
  • Built-in audio generator covering 50Hz to 15kHz
  • Built-in CRT display for all measurement details
  • Simple color coded keys
  • Built-in help facility
  • Independent tuning for one and two port duplex systems
  • Built-in AF distortion, S/N, and SINAD measurements
  • Selective calling tones encoder/decoder including sub-audible frequencies
  • Twin 8-digit counter display for measuring af & rf signals
  • Soft key menu driven control.