Madell CA4810A Curve Tracer

Madell CA4810A Curve Tracer
Manufacturer: Madell
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Madell CA4810A Curve Tracer


Madell CA4810A Curve Tracer

The Madell CA4810A curve tracer is an instrument which can be used to view transistor and diode feature curves. It can also be used to measure their low frequency static-state characters, as well as other semiconductor and circuit measurements. It breaks all previous price points and makes curve tracing truly affordable for everyone. The Madell CA4810A is excellent for education and general purpose curve tracing.


Vertical Axis Deflection

  • Collector voltage (Ic): 2μA/DIV~1A/DIV, 15 steps, accuracy ± 3%
  • Reversal drain current (IR):
  • 0.2 μA/DIV~1A/DIV, 6 steps


  • 2μA/DIV~10uA/DIV, ±3&
  • 0.2μA/DIV~1uA/DIV, ±10%
  • 0.2μA/DIV, interfere < 0.5V/DIV
  • Base current or base voltage: 20mV/DIV, accuracy ±3%
  • Deflection multiplying factor: x 0.5, accuracy ±10%

Horizontal Axis Deflection

  • Collector Voltage: 0.05V/DIV~50V/DIV, 10 steps, accuracy ±3%
  • Drain current voltage: 100V/DIV~550V/DIV, 3 steps, accuracy ±5% (with 5kV test fixture)
  • Base voltage: 0.05V/DIV~2V/DIV, 6 steps, accuracy ±3%.

Step Signals

  • Step current: 1μA~0.1A, 16 steps, accuracy ±5%
  • Step voltage: 0.05V~2V, 6 steps, accuracy ±5%
  • Stage Number per cluster: 4~10, continuously adjustable step zeroing: ≥ ±1DIV
  • Stage Number per second: 200
  • Step Polarity: positive or negative
  • Step mode: Continuous or single cluster

Collector Sweeping Supply

  • Max. sweeping current: 0~5V: 10A
  • 0~20V: 2.5A
  • 0~100V: 0.5A
  • 0~500V: 0.1A

Dissipation Resistance: 0~500KΩ, 11 steps

  • 10Ω~500kΩ, accuracy±10%
  • 0.5Ω~2.5Ω, accuracy ±20%