Madell 100 MHz Network Oscilloscope

Madell 100 MHz Network Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Madell
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Madell 2 Channel 100 MHz Network Oscilloscope


Madell 100 MHz 2 Channel Network Oscilloscope

   This is a stand-alone multi-user 200MS network digital oscilloscope. You can connect to it from anywhere in the world over the internet. It has its own built-in network server and works by itself. No specified computer is necessary for it to work. In addition to be used as a normal oscilloscope, it is a great tool for team work from different locations, remote presentation, remote monitoring, etc. Put one in your lab and work from your office or home.


  • Total network control. No parallel port, serial port, USB, or other connection and configuration necessary. User commands and oscilloscope data are transmitted over the network, can be used in home network, LAN or WAN. Can also be connected directly to a computer without a network environment. Support wireless Ethernet connection.
  • 10/100T network connection.
  • Two channels.
  • 100 MHz bandwidth.
  • 200 MS real-time sampling per channel.
  • 20 GS equivalent repeated sampling per channel. Can reconstruct repeated signals of up to 100 Mhz. Repeated sampling can be turned off to work with random digital signals up to 100Mhz.
  • 8-bit A/D resolution per channel.
  • Auto or Normal trigger mode.