Lecroy Wavepro 960 4 Channel 2 GHz Oscilloscope

Lecroy Wavepro 960 4 Channel 2 GHz Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Lecroy
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Lecroy Wavepro 960 4 Channel 2 GHz Oscilloscope


Lecroy Wavepro 960 4 Channel 2 GHz Oscilloscope

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   Wavepro oscilloscopes offer the most extensive combination of capabilities to help you design, troubleshoot and understand your signals and designs and increase your productivity. The high-speed 16 GS/s A-to-D converters and 64 Mpts deep memory give the fastest and longest signal capture of any oscilloscope in its class.

   A simple to operate front panel layout and use of colors for probing and channel identification combine to simplify an engineer's bench work. One-touch operation gives the best signal viewing of multiple channel zooms and a clear understanding of signal faults with the new History/Analog Persistence function. The Wavepilot toolbar gives instant access to the power of LeCroy signal analysis. WaveAnalyzer Pro options turn the scope into a complete signal analyzer. And best of all, WavePro scopes come at affordable prices, offering tremendous value. 

High Speed, Precision, and Accuracy

   The WavePro scope is the only one in its class capable of capturing, viewing and analyzing signals of 2 GHz bandwidth, with a sample rate of 16 GS/s (8x oversampling) and up to 4 ms duration. This lets you view and analyze the full signal and assures maximum signal fidelity to gain insight into your designs. The SMART Memory system automatically manages memory and sample rate, ensuring the most accurate view of the signal without aliasing.

   The precision Analog-to-Digital converters and timebase sample your waveform every 62.5 picoseconds. That's one measurement in the time it takes light to move across an engineer's thumbnail. Every WavePro scope comes standard with 4 GS/s sample rate and 250 kpoints of memory on each channel. When you use a WavePro scope, it automatically samples at the maximum rate, with maximum memory depth based on the channels in use, so you don't have to even think about it. Extend your signal viewing up to 64 times longer with memory options from 4 Mpoints to 64 Mpoints. The WavePro scope's architecture gives you the right capability today with expandability for tomorrow. With a sample rate up to 16 GS/s, you can precisely (5 ps resolution) measure critical sub-nanosecond timing over long time intervals. Oversampling at 8x the bandwidth, 64 Mpts for signal acquisition, and 4 zoom traces assure maximum signal fidelity and precise measurements on long acquisitions.

High Quality with Full Detail

   Cameras and digital oscilloscopes have much in common when you want to capture an image (or a signal) without loss of detail. A professional camera (and a WavePro scope) can capture a wide view with excellent resolution.

WavePro oscilloscopes make available all you need to quickly capture, view, and analyze your signals ' accurately and reliably

  • 2 GHz bandwidth
  • 16 GS/s max, single-shot sample rate
  • 50 GS/s for repetitive signals
  • Up to 64 million data points to view signals 

   WavePro scopes provide a minimum of 8X oversampling and the deepest memory available in their class for superior signal acquisition and fidelity on long-duration signals.