LeCroy Wavemaster 8620A 4 Channel 6 GHz Oscilloscope

LeCroy Wavemaster 8620A 4 Channel 6 GHz Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Lecroy
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LeCroy Wavemaster 8620A 4 Channel 6 GHz Oscilloscope


LeCroy Wavemaster 8620A 4 Channel 6 GHz Oscilloscope

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It's All About Performance

   The LeCroy WaveMaster 8000A Series oscilloscope offers a unique combination of high bandwidth, fast sampling speeds, and long memory capture, ideal for digital and communications systems. Equipped with our patented X-Stream technology, its fast data transfer and processing system deliver unprecedented measurement capabilities, at speeds 10-100 times faster than conventional oscilloscopes. Providing true WaveShape Analysis, its high-performance capabilities are changing the way engineers think about design and testing.


  • High bandwidth 6 GHz
  • Fast sampling speeds-to 20 GS/s on 4 channels
  • Full sampling speed maintained over entire memory length
  • Standard memory 10 Mpts/Ch
  • High signal integrity with an SiGe amplifier, ADC, and trigger circuit
  • Intuitive GUI for easier WaveShape Analysis
  • 10-100 times faster processing speeds
  • A wide array of standard math tools
  • Optional math and measurement packages

Measurement Accuracy

   Superior timebase performance and very low jitter noise floor make WaveMaster a truly remarkable instrument. Delivering extremely stable and precise measurements, its high level of accuracy includes:

  • 1 ps rms jitter noise floor
  • Timebase stability of ±1 ppm clock accuracy aging < 1 ppm/year clock accuracy
  • Low trigger jitter < 2.5 ps
  • Rise time as fast as 75 ps captures fast signal edges

Exceptional Trigger Performance

   The LeCroy 8620A WaveMaster offers a comprehensive array of triggers for maximum performance. The SiGe trigger circuit offers a 5 GHz edge trigger bandwidth for capturing fast signals with superior sensitivity. The versatile SMART TriggerT captures a variety of signals, including glitches and pulse widths down to 600 ps. The logic trigger makes it easy to capture a pattern of up to 5 inputs, or to qualify on 4 signal inputs and trigger on the 5th.

   The WaveMaster model 8620A is fully compatible with LeCroy's wide assortment of passive and active, single-ended and differential probing solutions for the WaveMaster oscilloscope line, including the new WaveLink family of active probes. When used in conjunction with the 7.5 GHz D600 active differential probe, the model 8620A offers 6 GHz system bandwidth at the probe tip. The WaveLink probes also offer the lowest circuit loading and smallest attenuation of any high bandwidth differential probe. Together, the WaveMaster 8620A and WaveLink D600 provide the highest performance DSO/probe combination available. The WaveMaster model 8620A also allows the user to create customized parameter measurements or waveform math functions and insert them into the DSO's UI (user interface). Users can write a visual basic script, MATLAB, MATHCAD, or Excel function and integrate it seamlessly into the model 8620A's processing chain, without having to run a different program, establish remote communications between the DSO and another program, create a new reference waveform, or transfer large data files between the DSO and another program. Once defined, implementation of a custom measurement or function is no more difficult than a typical "cut and paste" activity.