Leader LT1611J 150 MHz Video Generator

Leader LT1611J 150 MHz Video Generator
Manufacturer: Leader
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Leader LT1611A 150MHz Programmable RGB Video Generator 

Leader LT1611A 150 MHz Programmable RGB Video Generator

   An extremely flexible approach to the generation of test signals for RGB displays is found in the LT1611A. The generator is small and will find space easily in production, QC, design and service operations. But size belies a surprising range of operating options. The units operate independently from their own pre-programmed ROMs where all that is required to call up preset raster formats is a simple front-panel address selection. And an optional controller makes this possible from a remote location.


  • PC Setup and Control Operates in WINDOWS® Environment
  • ROM Setup and Control for Assembly-Line or QC Operations
  • LT1611 Dot Clock to 150 MHz (Analog Outputs)
  • LT1610A Dot Clock to 150 MHz (Digital/Analog Outputs)
  • LT1612A Dot Clock to 150 MHz (Digital Outputs)
  • Digital Outputs, 8-Bit Parallel RGB (LT 1610A & LT 1612A only)
  • Handles most Flat-Panel Displays
  • High Speed Switching Eliminates Waiting
    When Changing Complex Patterns
  • Power Saving Display Functions as Specified in VESA Standards
  • Small Footprint (11 ½" W x 8 1/4" D x 2 ½" H)
  • Graphic Design of Test Patterns
  • Video Image Downloading
  • X-Y Display Function Locates Picture Element
    (or Pixel Error) Coordinates
  • Auto Display Functions (Pattern Switching and Scroll)