Konica/Minolta LS-100 Hand Held Luminance Meter

Konica/Minolta LS-100 Hand Held Luminance Meter
Manufacturer: Minolta
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Konica/Minolta LS-100 Hand Held Luminance Meter


Konica/Minolta LS-100 Hand Held Luminance Meter

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   The spot luminance meters LS-100 is categorized in the upper range of the DIN quality class B, are among the best hand meters on the market. The SLR (single lens reflex) optical system allows precise targeting and ensures that the viewfinder shows the exact area to be measured, even at very short distances. This makes even precise focussing very easy. In addition to the measurement field and the measurement environment, the viewfinder also shows the measured luminance value. The pistol grip makes handling of the unit very secure. We have given special attention to minimize flare and to give precise V(λ) correlation (CIE relative photopic luminosity curve). With the help of a close-up lens, areas as small as 0.4mm diameter can be measured.

Areas of application

   Light sources of all types can be measured with the LS, for example signal, traffic lights, airport lighting, lamps, LED's, picture tubes, etc., just about anything that emits light. Now you can, for example, guarantee minimum brightness, exchange lamps that are too dark early enough, build quality assurance into the production of lamps, or check indirectly illuminated objects like movie screens.


  • SLR (single-lens-reflex) optical system
    The LS-100's single-lens-reflex design ensures that there will be no deviation between the actual measurement area and the area indicated in the viewfinder. Eliminating the effect of illumination outside the measurement range, this flareless optical system ensures accurate measurement of only the target area.
  • Spot measurement for small target areas
    With acceptance angles of 1° and 1/3° respectively, the LS-100 and LS-110 are ideal for measuring the luminance of small specimens. Furthermore, a close-up lens (sold separately) can be used to achieve a 1.3-mm measurement diameter for the LS-100 and a 0.4-mm measurement diameter for the LS-110.
  • User calibration and color-correction functions for wide ranging support
    With a user calibration function allowing recalibration to any standard luminance that you select and a color-correction input function for correction of indication differences for specific light sources, multiple luminance meters can be used without error for extremely detailed luminance control.
  • Luminance ratio and peak value measurement
    Based on the particular application, measurement values can be set to instantaneous luminance, peak luminance, and luminance ratio.
  • Two-way RS-232C communication
    Featuring an RS-232C interface as standard, this luminance meter can connect with a PC to send measurement data and receive control signals.
  • Lightweight, compact, and powered by a single 9V battery
    (Power can also be supplied by the DP-10 Data Printer.)


  • Measurement of the luminance of CRTs, LED, and ELs.
  • Measurement of road and tunnel brightness
  • Measurement of rail-system signals
  • Measurement of road and airport signals
  • Measurement of illumination and outdoor signs
  • Measurement of illumination equipment and devices
  • Research and measurement testing
  • Measurement of device brightness