Konica Minolta CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter

Konica Minolta CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter
Manufacturer: Minolta
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Konica Minolta CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter


Konica Minolta CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter

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Easy to use to measure light source chromaticity and luminance, the CS-200 gives precise measurements

   You can measure luminance and chromaticity of light sources with a great deal of accuracy using the CS-200. Low in price, the CS-200 luminance and color meter features an updated auto mode. This mode is used to determine the speed of measurements in accordance with of the luminance of the light source you want to measure. As an added benefit, the CS-200 has the capacity to measure any type of light source. You can also measure any light source over a broad spectrum of luminance levels, including levels that range from 0.01 cd/m2 to 20,000,000 cd/m2. Use the adjustable measuring angle to select optimum measuring angles. Based on the application, you have the capacity with the CS-200 to select angles of 1°, 0.2°, or 0.1°.

   Lightweight and operable using a battery, the CS-200 offers high levels of portability. The software included with the luminance and color meter is the CS-S10w. It comes standard with the CS-200. You can use the software to observe and manage measurement light sources and other data. It-s also possible to store and save up as many as 101 measurement values and 20 reference values using the software.


  • Easy to use and affordable - great for beginners
  • Portable - battery powered and lightweight
  • Luminance and chromaticity - can measure both aspects of a display
  • Auto mode - the device determines the measurement speed according to the application
  • All luminance levels - can be used for any light and display application both low and high luminances
  • Measurement angle switching - can be switched between 1, 0.2, and 0.1 degrees according to application
  • Data management software - CS-S10w is included as a standard accessory

Measurement range

  • 0.01 - 200,000 cd/m2 (Measuring angle 1°)
  • 0.01 - 5,000,000 cd/m2 (Measuring angle 0.2°)
  • 0.01 - 20,000,000 cd/m2 (Measuring angle 0.1°)