KeyTek ECAT EMC Test System

KeyTek ECAT EMC Test System
Manufacturer: Keytek
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 KeyTek ECAT EMC Test System

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with installed modules

  • E411 EFT burst testing to 4.4kV
  • E501A 6 kV and 3kA Surge Module
  • E4551 Coupler

The KeyTek ECAT provides powerful expert computer-aided testing for all your Pulsed EMI test requirements. Modular, totally integrated, full capability test systems & instruments for ESD, EFT, Surge and Power Quality Failure. Enables manufacturers & designers of electronics (including telecom) to easily & rapidly test for pulsed EMI threats.

Used for

¿ Pre-compliance
¿ Production sampling
¿ Compliance

ECAT, Expert Computer Aided Testing, addresses a broad range of EFT, Surge and Dips and Interrupts testing to meet Bellcore, UL, IEC and ANSI standards. Designed to meet the needs and standards of the telecommunications, power line and electrical industries as well as EMI test laboratories.

The ECAT is the most comprehensive test system offered by Thermo Electron for analyzing product vulnerability. It has become the industry leader in technology, functionality and reliability. The precision with which ECAT pulsed EMI tests are performed eliminates the possibility of overtest which may indicate unnecessary re-engineering and increased production costs; it also eliminates the possibility of undertest which can leave your product vulnerable to reliability problems as a result of real world stresses.

A comprehensive, open architecture allows custom configurations to be easily assembled. And, each year new modules are introduced to expand the test capabilities of the system and to continually meet evolving test standards and customer requirements.

Designed as a flexible, economically upgradable modular system, a stand-alone system can be upgraded at any time with the simple addition of new modules thereby eliminating costly equipment obsolescence and redundancies.

The ECAT meets the test levels and requirements in accordance with national and international standards, including:

IEC 621-4-4
IEC 621-4-5
IEC 621-4-11
UL 864
UL 1449
FCC Part 68
CCITT Rec. K.17, K.20, K.21
British Telecom Standards