Keithley 486 Picoammeter

Keithley 486 Picoammeter
Manufacturer: Keithley
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Keithley 486 Picoammeter


Keithley 486 Picoammeter

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   The Keithley Model 486 is a 5 1⁄2-digit autoranging picoammeter designed for low current applications where fast reading rates must be made. It offers a speed of 180 readings per second. The 486 is ideal for low-level DC current applications, such as
  • PMT current measurements
  • mass spectrometer current measurements
  • probe current measurements in electrochemistry
  • plasma generated currents
  • ion chamber currents
   Operation is fast and convenient. Selectable analog and digital filters provide optimum wide-band performance with minimum noise. Autoranging selects the most appropriate range within 100ms. The measurement buffer holds up to 512 readings for fast data acquisition. Any reading within the buffer may be displayed, or the entire buffer may be searched for the maximum and minimum values. Other important features include REL, which allows measurements to be made relative to a selectable baseline. ZERO CHECK and CORRECT functions correct for voltage offset errors using front panel or software commands.

   The IEEE-488 interface provides simple integration and convenient user interaction. Digital calibration can be accomplished over the bus or completely from the front panel. The display features three selectable intensities (bright, dim, and off) for use in light-sensitive environments.


  • Dual Displays-A 10 character alphanumeric display used for current readings and front panel messages, and a smaller 8 character alphanumeric display for front panel messages
  • Zero correct - used to cancel internal offsets.
  • Relative @EL) -Used to establish baselines.
  • DataStore-CCanstoreupto512readings and is accessible over the bus 01 from the front panel.
  • User Programmed Default Conditions - Establish present operating setup conditions as power-up default conditions.
  • Talk-Only - From the front panel, set instrument to send readings over the bus to a listen-only device such as a printer.
  • Built in IEEE-488 Interface