Keithley 2000-Scan Scanner Card

Keithley 2000-Scan Scanner Card
Manufacturer: Keithley
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Keithley 2000-Scan Scanner Card


Keithley 2000-Scan Scanner Card

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   Keithley has designed three plug-in scanner cards for use with Model 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2010 DMMs. Simply by inserting the appropriate card in the option slot on the DMM's back panel, users can create a multipoint test and measurement system that's well suited to applications involving up to ten measurement points. Combining scan and measurement capabilities in a single instrument reduces the need for extra equipment, eliminates complexities of triggering, timing, and processing issues, and helps reduce test time significantly. Also, since the scanners were designed specifically to work with these DMM's, measurement integrity is assured. For larger ATE applications, the DMM's can be easily combined with Keithley's 7000 Series switch matrices and cards for high-speed, high accuracy scanning and measurement.

Model 2000-SCAN Scanner Card

  • Ten analog input channels (2-pole)
  • Configurable as 4-pole, 5-channel

   The Keithley Model 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2010 DMM users can create an economical ten-channel data logger simply by inserting the Model 2000-SCAN scanner card into the DMMs back panel option slot. Users can multiplex one of ten 2-pole or one of five 4-pole signals into the Model 2000 and/or any combination of 2- or 4-pole signals. Contact potential is typically less than 500nV per contact pair (1μV maximum) for high measurement integrity.

  • General: 10 channels of 2-pole relay input. All channels configurable to 4-pole.
  • Capabilities: Multiplex one of ten 2-pole or one of five 4-pole signals into DMM.
  • Inputs Maximum Signal Level: DC Signals: 110V DC, 1A switched, 30VA maximum (resistive load). AC Signals: 125V AC rms or 175V AC peak, 100kHz maximum, 1A switched, 62.5VA maximum (resistive load).
  • Contact Life: >105 operations at maximum signal level; >108 operations cold switching.
  • Contact Resistance: <1Ω at end of contact life.
  • Actuation Time: 2.5ms maximum on/off.
  • Contact Potential: <±500nV typical per contact, 1μV max. <±500nV typical per contact pair, 1μV max.
  • Connector Type: Screw terminal, #22 AWG wire size.
  • Isolation Between Any Two Terminals: >109Ω, <75pF.
  • Isolation Between Any Terminal and Earth: >109Ω, <150pF.
  • Common Mode Voltage: 350V peak between any terminal and earth.
  • Maximum Voltage Between Any Two Terminals: 200V peak.
  • Maximum Voltage Between Any Terminal and Model 2001 Input LO: 200V peak.
  • Environmental: Meets all Model 2000 environmental specifications.
  • Dimensions: 21mm high × 72mm wide × 221mm deep (0.83 in. × 2.83 in. × 8.7 in.). Adds 0.4kg (10 oz.).