Keithley 197 5 1/2-Digit Portable Multimeter

Keithley 197 5 1/2-Digit Portable Multimeter
Manufacturer: Keithley
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Keithley 197 5 1⁄2-Digit Portable Multimeter


Keithley 197 5 1⁄2-Digit Portable Multimeter

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   The Keithley Model 197 is a lightweight, portable DMM with a battery pack option. It combines 51⁄2-digit resolution (on a 220,000-count display) with 1µV, 1nA, 1mΩ sensitivity. Basic DCV accuracy is 0.011%. Extended Performance Measure voltage over nine decades from 1µV to 21V. Input resistance on the two lowest voltage ranges exceeds 1GΩ. TRMS AC measurements can be made to 100kHz. Make 2- or 4-terminal ohms measurements over 11 decades from 1mΩ to 220MΩ. Six current ranges measure from 1nA to 10A.


  • 1µV, 1mΩ, 1nA sensitivity
  • TRMS AC measurements to 100kHz
  • 100-point data logger, relative reference, dB
  • Backlit display
  • Battery option

Question: What is the difference between a 197 and 197A?

  • 197A is Light gray color, 197 is dark brown color
  • 197A has Detachable line cord, 197 line cord is permanent
  • 197A has Back lit display, 197 is not
  • 197A was more efficient for longer battery life than the 197

Display: Backlit ±220,000-count LCD, 0.45 in height; polarity,function, range, and status indication.
Relative: Pushbutton allows zeroing of on range readings. Allows readings to be made with respect to baseline value.Front panel annunciator indicates REL mode.
Data Logger and MIN/MAX: 100 reading storage capacity; records data at one of six selectable rates from 3 readings/second to 1 reading/hour or by manual triggering. Also detects and stores maximum and minimum readings continuously while in data logger mode.
Conversion Rate: 3 readings/second.
Overrange Indication: OL displayed.