Keithley 196 System DMM

Keithley 196 System DMM
Manufacturer: Keithley
Keithley 196 System Digital Multimeter
Keithley 196 System Digital Multimeter

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   The Keithley Model 196 System DMM is a five function autoranging~ digital multimeter. At 6 1/2 digit resolution, the LED display can display +-3,030,000 counts. The range of this analog-to-digital (A/D) converter is greater than the normal l,999,999 A/D converter used in many 6 1/2 digit DMMs. The built-in IEEE-488~ interface makes the instrument fully programmable over the IEEE-488 bus. The Model 196 can make the following basic measurements:

  • DC voltage measurements from lOOnV to 3OOV.
  • Resistance measurements from lOO uohm  to 3OOMegaohm
  • TRMS AC voltage measurements from 1pV to 300V.
  • DC current measurements from lnA to 3A.
  • TRMS AC current measurements from lnA to 3A.

Some important Model 196 features include:

  • 10 Character Alphanumeric Display-Easy to read 14segment LEDs used for readings and front panel messages.
  • High Speed Measurement Rate-l000 readings per second.
  • Zero-Used to cancel offsets or establish baselines. A zero value can be programmed from the front panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.
  • Filter-The weighted average digital filter can be set from the front panel or over the bus.
  • Data Store-Can store up to 500 readings and is accessible only over the bus.
  • Digital Calibration-The instrument may be digitally calibrated from either the front panel or over the bus.
  • User Programmable Default Condition Any instrument measurement configuration can be established as the power-up default conditions.
  • Translator Software-User defined words (stored in nonvolatile memory) can be used to replace standard command strings over the IEEE-488 bus.
  • Offset Compensated Ohms-Used to correct for small error voltages in the measurement circuit.