Kaltman Creations NF-5020 10 Hz-30 MHz EMF Field Analyzer

Kaltman Creations NF-5020 10 Hz-30 MHz EMF Field Analyzer
Manufacturer: Kaltman Creations LLC
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Kaltman Creations NF-5020 10 Hz-30 MHz EMF Field Analyzer


Kaltman Creations NF-5020 10 Hz-30 MHz EMF Field Analyzer

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   Measurement of electric and magnetic fields in this price range has never been this PROFESSIONAL. Find radiation sources in your surroundings. Find their respective frequencies and signal strengths, including direct display of exposure limits. This used to be impossible in this price category, professional units often costing several thousand dollars and being excessively complicated in handling.
The highly complex calculations in spectrum analysis incl. exposure limit calculation is being performed, unnoticed in the background, by a high-performance DSP (digital signal processor)

Same as the NF-5010 but adding
  • Vastly expanded range
  • Measurement range ICNIRP
  • Lots of options
  • NEW: Expanded frequency range up to 20MHz (Option 008)
  • Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz (20MHz)
  • Typ. level range E-Field: 0.1V/m to 20.000 V/m
  • Typ. level range H-Field: 0.1nT to 2.000.000nT
  • Typ. level range DDC H-Field: 1pT to 2.000.000nT
  • Typ. level range DDC Analog in: 200nV to 200mV
  • Typ. accuracy: 3%
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With Option 006 you can measure the earth's magnetic field or static magnets.

A MUST to order: Option 005 (12Bit DDC filter) offers a super fast, very accurate sweep and ultra low sensetivity down to 1pT (0.001nT)!

The NF-5020 is ideal for measurement technicians and authorities for ACCURATE inspection of signal sources up to 1MHz or even 30MHz (13,56MHz RFID or VDSL2).


  • Option 001: 1MB Memory Expansion
  • Option 005: Multichannel 12Bit DDC Frequency filter
  • Option 006: 3D! Earth's Magnetic and STATIC Magnetic Field Sensor. Range: 100µG-6G (10nT-0.6mT)
  • Option 008: expanded Frequency Range to 20MHz
  • Option 010: expanded Frequency Range to 30MHz
  • Option 009: Expand option 006 with 24Bit AD


  • Big graphics display (pixel display) with 51x25 pixels (can be used for complex spectrum and exposure limit display, convenient menu navigation, etc.)
  • HUGE numeric display (4 digits, max. 9999)
  • Large, high-resolution bargraph (50 segments) for very responsive trend display
  • Various function and mode indication display blocks (AUDIO, MODE, MEMORY etc.)
  • Large multi-function text display (6 text fields / e.g. for displaying units, service information, etc.)
  • Three further big numeric displays (4 digits each, each max. 9999 / e.g. for simultaneous display of MIN, MAX, AVG values, 3 marker values, etc.)
  • Triple multi-function text displays (Next to each of the previously described numeric displays / 3x3 text fields each / used e.g. for unit display for markers, etc.)