Kaltman Creations Hyperlog 4040 400MHz-4GHz EMC Antennas

Kaltman Creations Hyperlog 4040 400MHz-4GHz EMC Antennas
Manufacturer: Kaltman Creations LLC
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Kaltman Creations Hyperlog 4040 400MHz-4GHz EMC Antennas


Kaltman Creations Hyperlog 4040 400 MHz-4 GHz EMC Antennas

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   One of the main advantages of the these antennas is that they are not "naked" (directly exposed to the atmospheric elements). The antenna houses their gold plated, Teflon elements in a specially constructed, high technology Radom housing. This Radom housing was designed in such a way that its shape, material and special coating have virtually no influence on measurements; not even in the case of dew or humidity collection on the surface. And of course the Radom housing helps to prevent oxidation, fissures, and general physical damage.

   Professional broadband measurement antennas have one distinct disadvantage, they are extremely expensive. The HyperLOG® series of antennas offers a cost-effective alternative while maintaining above industry specifications and standards. Whatever your antenna needs - point to point communication, fixed receiving, voice, data, machine control, or for use with Spectran RF Spectrum Analyzers - the HyperLOG antennas represents a true cost effective alternative!


  • Only one single broadband antenna is required for the 380MHz to 18GHz frequency range (various other model ranges available) 
  •   Complete ISO calibration certificate (optional)
  •   Top-quality, high-tech TEFLON coated Gold elements
  •   High-tech Radom with a modern, aesthetic design
  •   Freely align able polarization
  •   Calibration data can be saved and read-back from an IC within the antenna
  •   Excellent forward / backward ratio
  •   Excellent symmetry of radiation patterns
  •   Integrated 5/8" tripod socket
  •   Suitable for mobile use
  •   Suitable for outdoor installation
  •   Robust, splash proof design
  •   Small, lightweight design
  • Well suited for EMC measurements with spectrum analyzers 
Antenna package includes:
  • HyperLOG antenna  
  • Standard calibration data (model specific, in 10MHz steps)  
  • Aluminum carrying case with custom padding  
  • Detachable pistol-grip handle which converts into a mini-tripod stand  
  • Sturdy, multi-purpose aluminum tripod with spirit-level  
  • Special SMA tool with over-torque protection