Kaltman Creations HF6080 7 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Kaltman Creations HF6080 7 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
Manufacturer: Kaltman Creations LLC
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Kaltman Creations HF6080 7 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer


Kaltman Creations HF6080 7 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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Affordable RF Field Spectrum Analyzers for Demanding & Critical Applications

   Satisfied customers throughout the world have discovered that field RF analysis doesn't have to be expensive with the Spectran series of RF Analyzers. Spectran Analyzers offer comparable and sometimes greater, functionality, features and specifications of units costing three times as much. Spectran RF Spectrum Analyzers are sold in complete ready-to-go systems that include the analyzer, both Omni & LOG Periodic antennas, PC software, USB cable, power adapter / charger, mini-tripod, and carrying case.

Exterior ergonomic design

   The Spectran Analyzers feature a lightweight, sleek design with a large LCD display. There is a DC power jack to externally power and to charge the unit, an audio-output jack, a Jog Dial for cursor positioning and Zoom functions, a USB port for PC interface, and an SMA RF input connector. Pre-programmed Hot Keys, menu access, and arrow navigation keys are just a few of the extensive front panel controls.

Cursor adjustment

   By initializing the jog dial you can position the cursor anywhere within the viewed frequency spectrum. The cursor position is readout in both frequency and level. By clicking the Jog Dial, you are able to Zoom-in on the cursors position (essentially decreasing the span) all the way down to 100KHz resolution. This allows you to isolate unused frequencies ranges, measure the total bandwidth of a given frequency, view inter-modulation and aliasing, and of course have a detailed analysis of occupied RF areas.

PC Software

   Included with every Spectran RF Spectrum Analyzer is PC software. A powerful feature of the software allows you to repeatably zoom in and out through the use of click & drag highlighting techniques. You can also click on any point on the display for an instant reading of the frequency and values. The PC software also provides for data logging, instant screen shot capture, and enhanced graphical display viewing.


  • 1MHz to 7GHz  
  • Peak Power Detector 10GHz (Opt)  
  • Level Min -120dbm  
  • Level Max +10dbm (+30dbm Opt) 
  • Pwr Flux Density Min 10pW/m2  
  • Pwr Flux Density Max 10W/m2  
  • Attenuation "Auto", 0, 10, 20, 30dB  
  • Filter Bandwidth Min 100KHz  
  • Filter Bandwidth Max 50MHz  
  • Accuracy +/- 3dB  
  • 3 Automatic Peak Markers  
  • Peak, RMS and Hold Functions  
  • Internal & PC Logging