Kaltman Creations AirSleuth 2.4 GHz Pro Wi-FI WLAN Analyzer

Kaltman Creations AirSleuth 2.4 GHz Pro Wi-FI WLAN Analyzer
Manufacturer: Kaltman Creations LLC
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Kaltman Creations AirSleuth 2.4 GHz Pro Wi-FI WLAN Analyzer


Kaltman Creations AirSleuth 2.4 GHz Pro Wi-FI WLAN Analyzer

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AirSleuth Pro 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

   AirSleuth Pro is a PC-based, spectrum analyzer that operates in the 2.4 GHz range of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. When AirSleuth Pro is installed on a laptop computer it provides mobile, site survey information that facilitates optimal configuration of wireless networks and proper location of RF devices, and aids in identifying potential sources of interference. In addition to displaying results in real-time, AirSleuth Pro includes a logging functionality that allows data to be recorded and later played-back for analysis. Additionally, AirSleuth Pro can print snapshots of data traces from the screen.

   AirSleuth Pro offers 10 real-time diagnostic views of the RF data it captures (see our Screenshots below) -- including Traces, Channel Spectorgram, Differential Traces, Channel Timecourse, etc. AirSleuth also includes a real-time calculation of "Best Wi-Fi Channel" i.e. the channel with the least interference. Armed with this knowledge the user can make better decisions setting-up, configuring and maintaining their wireless network so that it operates at optimal bandwidth. AirSleuth-Pro is available with either a PCMCIA or USB wireless device -- your choice. The PCMCIA version comes with an external 5 dBi antenna that attaches to the PC Card's MMCX connector.

AirSleuth Pro Key Features
  • Mobile or desktop versions interfaces to laptop via PCMCIA or USB wireless device, or to desktop machine using USB device.
  • Ten (10) real-time diagnostic views (Traces, Differential Traces, Differential Channels, Selected Channels, Pie Chart, Spectrogram, Sorted Channels, Channel Timecourse, Channel Spectogram, and Timecourse).
  • Captures data for extended periods using built-in recording/playback capability.
  • Print snapshots of data traces from the screen
  • Real-time calculation of "Best WiFi Channel" (i.e. the channel with the least RF interference).
  • PCMCIA device includes an MMCX connector that can be used to attach an external antenna.
  • Runs on Windows 98, 2000 and XP and does not require Windows .NET Framework.
  • Minimal CPU and memory requirements allowing you to revitalize old laptops and convert them into dedicated spectrum analyzers.
AirSleuth Pro May Be Used For
  • Optimally installing and maintaining wireless networks.
  • Troubleshooting poor performing wireless networks by detecting the presence of RF interference.
  • When combined with your favorite 802.11 discovery utility, the two work together to provide a powerful diagnostic tool for setting-up and trouble-shooting wireless networks.

   When the AirSleuth application is running the device operates in a passive mode and behaves as a receiver. AirSleuth Pro repeatedly sweeps the 2.4 GHz range to determine the signal strength of 79 Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) channels and displays the results in a variety of different views. The technique of sweeping the spectrum does not introduce additional RF signals and will not interfere with other wireless devices.