JDSU/Acterna/Wavetek CLI-1450 Cable TV Meter

JDSU/Acterna/Wavetek CLI-1450 Cable TV Meter
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna/Wavetek CLI-1450 Cable TV Meter


JDSU/Acterna/Wavetek CLI-1450 Cable TV Meter

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Combination leakage and signal level meters

   The CLI-1450 Leakage/Signal Level Meter is a high performance instrument designed for cable television technicians. The durable, water-resistant CLI-1450 makes innovative use of a graphics LCD to simplify operation. The LCD backlight makes measurements easier in crawl spaces and behind television sets. The display is also easy to see in bright sunlight.

  Your CLI-1450 is a highly sensitive, hand-held leakage meter that makes finding and measuring RF leakage easy. Because it can accurately detect and measure video signals, it is not necessary to inject an additional RF carrier for the purpose of monitoring leakage. Your CLI-1450 is frequency agile you can configure it to monitor a carrier frequency between 115 to 140 MHz.


  •  The Acterna CLI meter series gives cable network technicians all of the high-performance, time-saving measurement tools necessary to successfully complete virtually any subscriber installation.
  • Leakage and advanced signal level measurements provide a compact "one box" solution.
  • Frequency agile "Find and Fix" leakage detection accurately pinpoints RF egress. Leakage tagging differentiates competing signals in overbuilt network areas.
  • Complete digital test solution for DTV and forward cable modem signals with digiCheck(TM) measurement.  
  • Intuitive user interface available in multiple languages.
  • Extended-life nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery system supplies a quick charge and extra long operating time.
  • Detect RF leakage (egress) sources with the fast "Find and Fix" leakage feature and HD-1 antenna.
  • Patrol for RF leakage from the service vehicle with the aid of the optional docking station and magnetic mount antenna.  
  • Certify that all channels in the home network are within system or regulatory RF level specifications with the one-button Installation Test.  
  •  Track down disruptive return path ingress sources with the Ingress Scan feature.  
  • Identify high/low frequency roll-off at the subscriber drop using the Scan measurement with user-defined limits.
  • The Leakage mode's large numeric readout, audible alarm, and fast response time makes finding hidden egress sources easy. 
  •  User-defined analog and digital level limits guarantee that your active channels are within system specification when using the Scan, Installation, and Auto-test measurements. 
  • The Ingress Scan measurement offers an efficient pass/fail indicator as well as adjustable dwell times and peak holds to find transient return path ingress signals. 
  • Meter configurations can be cloned from meter-to-meter or downloaded from StealthWare Data Analysis Software.  
  • When paired with the optional LST-1700 Transmitter, the CLI-1750 is capable of 5-862 MHz mini-sweep and FDR fault locator for qualifying in-home wiring.