JDSU/Acterna/TTC 147 Interceptor E1 Test Set

JDSU/Acterna/TTC 147 Interceptor E1 Test Set
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG


Acterna/TTC 147 Interceptor E1 Test Set
JDSU/Acterna/TTC 147 Interceptor E1 Test Set

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with Timing Analysis option

Interceptor 147 Hand-Held E1 Carrier Analyzer

   Complete E1/Fractional E1 carrier and signaling test features in a small, rugged package. Includes five data interfaces for synchronous and asynchronous DTE/DCE test applications. Active time slot display immediately shows which channels have live traffic. Thru mode allows pattern insertion on any selected timeslots without interfering with live traffic. Level and frequency measurements and FAS bit measurements provide thorough in-service testing.

   Installing and maintaining 2M and data circuits in the field requires the right tools. The INTERCEPTOR 147 Communications Analyzer was specifically designed to meet this challenge by providing innovative and powerful testing features in an easy-to-use, rugged package. The INTERCEPTOR 147 Communications Analyzer offers a complete set of in-service and out-of service 2M tests and measurements to evaluate circuit performance and isolate problems. The inclusion of five standard data interfaces allows full span testing at subrate access points as well as a mux/demux mode which allows for wrapping around multiplexers and NTUs. Advanced network synchronization and VF analysis add to the unit¿s versatility.

   Set-ups are simplified because the INTERCEPTOR 147 Communications Analyzer automatically configures to the signal under test. Status indicators, result LEDs, and summary categories provide an instant view of instrument set-up and circuit activity, making problem isolation quick and easy. The powerful testing capabilities of the unit, combined with field ruggedness, and a weight of just 1.84 kg (4 pounds), make the INTERCEPTOR 147 Communications Analyzer ideal for any field service situation.


  • Supports Five Data Communications Interfaces V.11 (RS-449), V.24 (RS-232), V.35/306, X.21, and 64 kbps codirectional, to provide synchronous and asynchronous testing.
  • Live 2M Testing Thoroughly test 2M, Nx64 kbps, and GSM 16 kbps subrate services. Insert monitor and test patterns on any selected timeslot without affecting live traffic.
  • Test Subrate and Data Applications Enables synchronous and asynchronous testing and DTE and DCE emulation rates from 50 bps to 2M. Complete 2M Testing and handheld convenience
  • Reduce Set-up Time Auto-configuration instantly determines the framing and pattern, while the active TIMESLOTS display simplifies monitoring of channel call activity and loading.
  • Qualify VF, Data, and CAS Monitor CAS signalling, data, and VF traffic using ABCD bit display, receive byte display, and built-in speaker.
  • Synchronise Network Timing With Timing Analysis option, use standard pattern slip and frequency deviation measurements to diagnose faulty network timing.
  • Test Switches and Cross-Connects Configure the transmitter and receiver for different timeslots when testing through switches and cross-connects.
  • Long-Term Testing Remote control, automatic printing, and histogram capabilities allow unattended testing and long-term collection of data.
  • Control Loopbacks Euro ISDN Loopcodes provides control of loopbacks in the NTE and LTE.
  • Hand-Held Convenience Rugged and lightweight, ideal for the mobile technician.