JDSU/Acterna/TTC 107 Advanced T1 Test Set

JDSU/Acterna/TTC 107 Advanced T1 Test Set
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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JDSU/Acterna/TTC 107 Advanced T1 Test Set

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   The JDSU/Acterna/TTC 107 provides Receiver/Signal Analysis testing capability necessary for troubleshooting a T1 span. Ideal for monitoring live T1 circuits and qualification. This package includes Fractional T1 testing. Lightweight, rugged, battery operated in a handheld package.

  • Automated BRIDGTAP and MULTIPATH Testing
  • CSU and NIU Emulation
  • VF Channel Monitor
  • Bantam input/output
  • Automatic Configuration  
  •  Full Span T1 Receiver with Signal Analysis   
  •  Channel Monitor
  • T1 turn up and maintenance  
  •  Isolate and troubleshoot physical layer problems  
  •  Measure VF level, frequency, and quality with channel monitor feature  
  •  Verify transmission quality on FT1 bandwidths  
  •  Isolate network synchronization problems  
  • Monitor Live T1 Circuits  
  •  Qualify T-Carrier Circuits  
  •  Monitor VF Channels  
  •  Verify Fractional T1 service  
  •  Decode ESF Signal and SLC Datalinks